Backstage Tech: Built to Last

Our Tech Solutions Provide Real-World Value

  • Minimizing the lost revenue due to scalping and resales: NFT ticketing can minimize the mess happening in the secondary market, enabling the event organizers to maximize their earnings. The global secondary ticket market will be worth $28 billion annually in a few years, so the opportunity is tremendous here.
  • Improved analytics: By selling NFT tickets on our Marketplace, we get detailed insights into KPIs, metrics, customer behavior, and other analytics that enable us to further optimize our revenue streams, creating even more value. The unique ability of blockchain technology to track the addresses of the token holders gives us a clear overview of the secondary market — — something that is simply not possible in the present form of ticket selling.
  • Elimination of fake tickets: The ability of an NFT to store metadata provides us with an extremely simple way of verifying if the ticket is genuine or not. NFT technology can virtually eliminate the 5 million fake tickets sold each year.
  • Fully digital production: NFTs don’t have to be printed, shipped, and distributed to customers worldwide. This saves time and money due to cost-cutting associated with production and supply chain. Also, NFT tickets cannot be lost in transit or destroyed. Once the NFT is on the blockchain it will remain there forever.

The Backstage Ecosystem Boosts Community Engagement

  • Example: Ahau Hotels, a partner of ours, uses Backstage NFT technology to offer vacation packages that include roundtrip transportation, daily yoga classes, daily breakfasts, and more.
  • Example: Through our metaverse partner, XMANNA, you can get a digital seat that enables you access to games with a tier 1 sports club in the USA.
  • Example: We’re using NFTs and metaverse technology to create live virtual events, game levels, rewards and more for a climate change campaign. This will not only boost community engagement, but also help raise funds for climate change action.

Backstage Takes out the Middleman

  • Event organizers get maximum revenue with minimal intermediary fees.
  • Event-goers get their tickets at the lowest prices.

Backstage Is Ushering in a New Frontier in Entertainment

  • Our technology saves time and money that would otherwise be spent on expensive traveling to the event venues. With the use of AR/VR and the BKS Metaverse, users can enjoy their favorite musicians or see their favorite games from the comfort and flexibility of their homes.
  • Our tech allows persons with disabilities to attend live events that would normally be out of reach due to infrastructural flaws in the venue design. Most stadiums and concert halls are designed for people who have no issues with freedom of movement, making attendance difficult or nearly impossible for people with disabilities. By remotely joining the BKS Metaverse events, users can attend their favorite form of entertainment regardless of their specific difficulties.
  • By attending hybrid live events, fewer resources associated with climate change are spent. Since there is no requirement to travel, CO2 emissions resulting from the combustion of gas are cut to zero. Similarly, a reduction in plastic waste is achieved, less electricity is spent, the infrastructural load on the venues is decreased, etc.
  • The hard cap associated with the number of venue seats is eliminated. Instead of limiting the promoters and organizers with the number of physical seats, the metaverse allows for a virtually unlimited number of people to attend the same live event. This allows for a new concept of mass gathering, enabling millions of people to attend the events otherwise out of reach to them. It also maximizes revenue possibilities for venues, artists, agents and other event organizers.

Backstage Unites the Events Industry

  • Help organizers find funding for their event projects
  • Enable fans and artists to connect in more intimate ways
  • Connect investors to promising events at the early stages
  • Offer perks and benefits to fans, such as access to exclusive NFTs
  • Unlock new economic opportunities for all involved (musicians can list NFTs for sale, event operators can network with financiers, etc)

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