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4 min readJun 11, 2022

Backstage is partnering with SeedBox, an all-in-one platform that grants access to venture capital for retail investors. Through the partnership, Backstage will hold an INO with SeedBox and will get full support and guidance throughout the fundraising process.

For the sale, Backstage will be selling NFTs in coordination with exclusive partner venues and artists. If you look at our website and list of artists in our ecosystem, you can begin to get an idea of what sort of NFTs will be on sale during our INO with SeedBox.

Read on to learn more about this partnership.

How to Participate in the Backstage INO on SeedBox

To participate in the priority round, you must hold SeedBox’s SBX token. Your allocation for any token or NFT sale on SeedBox depends on how much SBX you hold. See the tier system below.

The SeedBox tier system allows you to participate in INOs.

We’ll have more details to follow about our Initial NFT Offering with SeedBox, including the date and how you can participate. Stay tuned to our social channels.

A Partnership with Great Potential

SeedBox is one of the most well-regarded launchpads in the world of crypto, and we’re truly excited about the potential of this partnership. It’s the beginning of a strategic collaboration that will bring enormous advantages for both companies.

SeedBox will benefit from having full access to all of Backstage’s technology, including our NFT ticketing, metaverse technology, crypto payments system and more. Their community of retail investors will get the chance to join Backstage at the early stages, which could yield enormous benefits down the line.

Meanwhile, Backstage will benefit from the vast experience SeedBox has when it comes to fundraising and supporting projects. Thanks to SeedBox’s support, we’re much more confident we can get off to a successful start.

SeedBox’s Mission Aligns with Ours

This partnership is a perfect match. Just as we wish to disrupt the events industry, Seebox aims to disrupt the crypto fundraising process.

SeedBox’s mission is to disrupt the existing market of decentralized VC crowdfunding. SeedBox believes the current model that excludes retail investors from venture capital negatively impacts the space, as it prevents new business ideas from flourishing.

To achieve their mission, Seebox has focused on building a multi-format launchpad with a variety of decentralized and multi-chain services. This enables a community of retail investors to join together and function like a venture capital firm. In this sense, SeedBox is the retail investors’ VC.

Since SeedBox is democratizing crypto investments, Backstage saw the synergies and potential a partnership. We’re excited by the chance for enthusiastic retail investors to join Backstage as early-stage investors.

Opportunities for Cross-Promotion

As part of this partnership, both SeedBox and Backstage will leverage their networks to spread the word about each other. This should help build and strengthen our communities.

SeedBox Twitter already has more than 21K followers. This means we will have the chance for Backstage to be introduced to tens of thousands interested people.

The benefits of cross-marketing go beyond initial introductions. Later, when events and venues are using the BKS Launchpad to raise funds, SeedBox can share and promote those projects to their own community.

SeedBox can also make use of Backstage’s ecosystem for their own purposes. For instance, when a new project wishes to launch with SeedBox, they could potentially also list their NFTs in the BKS Marketplace.

And we can’t forget about the fun. Now, SeedBox’s community is aware of the Backstage ecosystem and all that they can do. We hope to see SeedBox at BKS events in the near future.

Bright Days Ahead

As our launch gets closer, we’re busy strengthening our network. We are happy SeedBox is on board as a partner, and we know they will be a great partner now and for years to come. We’re optimistic about all that will come from this relationship.

About SeedBox

SeedBox is a top-notch IDO launchpad that grants access to venture capital for retail investors. The paramount mission for SeedBox is to bring the revolution to the existing market of decentralized crowdfunding. The team aims to grant the retail sector unprecedented access to the seed and private stages of investment rounds, while simultaneously providing a valuable source of funding to the ideas of tomorrow.

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About Backstage

Backstage is powering the crypto revolution in the events industry. Through the BKS token and our blockchain ecosystem, Backstage aims to solve the current challenges facing the events and entertainment sectors. From financing and payments to NFT ticketing and marketplaces, Backstage $BKS will take the events industry toward a more sustainable, profitable and fair future.

Backstage has a very strong and open community and everyone can join and contribute to the platform’s development by purchasing tokens and helping fund the entertainment industry.

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