Backstage and MetaBrands Form Powerful Partnership, Joins as Investor

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3 min readJun 10, 2022

Backstage is proud to announce a partnership with MetaBrands, a simple gateway linking portals to different realms within the Metaverse with the MAGE utility token and MAGE Relic NFTs. By partnering with us, MetaBrands joins us as an ally in cross-platform promotion, supporter for metaverse events, and an early-stage investor.

Working Towards a Bright Future Together

With some recent partnerships (and this one) in view, and taking into consideration everything we want our ecosystem to cover, it always makes us very happy to learn that there are diverse projects out there that are willing to invest in a mutually beneficial future. Such collaborations bring us closer to fulfilling our mission of bringing the crypto revolution to the events industry and taking metaverse events mainstream.

Moreover, this is an indication we’re heading down the right path. After all, projects around the world are starting to take note of our activities.

What makes us excited about this partnership is that MetaBrands’ vision is very closely aligned with ours: We’re both working toward a common good, both in the physical and digital world. We also both aim to help people enjoy all the benefits of metaverse technology. Our projects are of similar nature and that makes us natural partners.

MetaBrands Will Help Backstage to a Successful Start

MetaBrands brings a wealth of expertise and resources to the partnership, including 14 DAO advisors, which surely will benefit Backstage. They have also helped incubate many projects across various Layer-1 blockchains, a testament to their capabilities.

As has already been hinted at, MetaBrands will not only be an investor, because they’re much more than that. They will offer their services of promoting us across platforms and supporting us as we prepare for our IDO. It is exceptionally beneficial for us to have access to all this knowledge and expertise located within their team and community.

MetaBrands will reap benefits from this partnership as well. By investing in Backstage so early, they’re making it possible for themselves to get a good ROI. Also, they will have another great project to introduce to their community and add to their portfolio. Our hope is that this results not only in BKS tokens being sold, but also in further utilizing the Backstage tech for the purposes that are beneficial to themselves, be it attending an event or even organizing one themselves.

Through this partnership, BKS technology, including NFT ticketing, metaverse events, crypto payments and more, will become available to their community too. All members of their community, especially those who love events and entertainment, will get to enjoy all the amazing features of the STAGE ecosystem. We’re excited to welcome the MetaBrands community to our platform.

Great Things Ahead

At Backstage, we’re on the path to create a truly sustainable ecosystem and recent partnerships prove that we’re starting to get recognized by a multitude of different interested projects and investors. The possibilities that can come out of this partnership are limitless and we couldn’t be more excited.

We’re sure that great things await MetaBrands and us. Stay tuned to hear all the great news ahead!

About MetaBrands was created to provide a reliable transport vessel directly into the metaverse for those brave enough to experience it firsthand, without having to read the comprehensive, non-existent user manual. MetaBrands provides you with a cybership designed to safely navigate the open seas of the metaverse and enjoy the ride.

As a gateway to the metaverse, the MetaBrands Resource DAO facilitates instant exposure to the top-performing NFTs, play-to-earn models, and player-owned economies. In addition, MetaBrands helps incubate metaverse projects, offering expert guidance to ensure a successful launch.

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