NFT Ticketing: The Future Is Now

The NFT Revolution & the Potential of NFT Tickets

  • Adding special perks to tickets, like VIP table access or merchandise discounts
  • Including extra services in the tickets, like airline and hotel tickets if folks are traveling to events
  • Coding in pricing restrictions to prevent price gouging on secondary markets
  • Using NFTs like loyalty cards with ever-evolving benefits

Main Problems in the Traditional Ticketing System

Backstage NFT Ticketing System

  • Lifetime 20% discount for events hosted by Backstage
  • 5 free tickets for events hosted by Backstage
  • Guaranteed early access for 5 exclusive Backstage events
  • Guaranteed early access to tickets for 20 concerts
  • Guaranteed airdrops of artist-related NFTs and merchandise
  • Guaranteed airdrops of Backstage merchandise

Backstage NFT Ticketing in Action

We’ll be the main NFT ticket partner at Sun & Snow.

NFTs Are Going Mainstream & So Is Backstage

About Backstage



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BKSBackstage Official

BKSBackstage Official

The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry