NFT Ticketing: The Future Is Now

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5 min readMar 11, 2022

Backstage is at the forefront of the digital ticketing revolution. With a mission to modernize the entertainment industry, Backstage created an all-purpose ecosystem that leverages the power of tokenization and blockchain technology. Using these solutions, we’ve developed an innovative NFT decentralized ticketing system that solves much of the problems found in the industry today.

With the Backstage NFT Ticketing system, venues and agencies can sell NFT tickets, musicians and other artists can attach merchandise purchases to tickets, and fans can buy tickets with special privileges, like backstage access. Backstage also enables collectors to hold rare NFT tickets that grant certain privileges and potentially increase in value over time.

Moreover, since NFT tickets are non-fungible tokens, counterfeiting them is basically impossible. Now, community members can easily buy tickets without the fear of being scammed. Previously, there were 5 million fake tickets sold each year — but not anymore thanks to NFT ticketing technology from Backstage.

With a set of amazing features, the Backstage NFT ticketing system has opened up new options for artists, musicians, content producers, event organizers, agencies and venues looking to streamline and optimize their ticketing system and merchandise businesses.

The NFT Revolution & the Potential of NFT Tickets

NFT’s have the potential to change the game in the events and entertainment industry. For instance, NFT tickets present an incredible opportunity to add special features capable of making the offering more valuable and exclusive. Some examples include:

  • Adding special perks to tickets, like VIP table access or merchandise discounts
  • Including extra services in the tickets, like airline and hotel tickets if folks are traveling to events
  • Coding in pricing restrictions to prevent price gouging on secondary markets
  • Using NFTs like loyalty cards with ever-evolving benefits

Also important, NFTs can be digitally stored in your crypto wallet, and thus can still serve as a special memory of a concert, sports game, theater show, etc. We all have saved physical paper tickets to preserve those important memories. However, traditional tickets can be easily lost or ruined over time. NFTs can be preserved in their original state digitally forever.

Main Problems in the Traditional Ticketing System

Our innovative NFT ticketing system solves the primary problems that the ticketing industry faces. Let’s take a look at the three main problems the ticketing industry is facing today:

Black Market and Fraud

Fraud is a constant threat, and it causes the ticketing and entertainment industry to lose tens of millions. Technological issues and ticketing bots enabling online bulk ticket purchasing. Folks using those bots can then sell those tickets on secondary or black markets. This creates difficulty in managing ticket distribution and pricing for event organizers.

Difficulty in Tracking Ownership

Once tickets are sold, since they are not tied to an identity, it becomes nearly impossible to track. This facilitates all sorts of schemes on secondary markets or enables someone to bulk buy tickets and then resell them at incredibly higher prices.

Ticketing Validity

When users buy tickets, they most often blindly trust the seller, even though they may not have a way of telling if they are buying a real or a fake. Fake tickets are one of the major concerns in the industry. They can lead to heavy losses and a lot of discontentment.

NFTs present incredible solutions to these problems, and therefore possess the capability to transform the entire ticketing industry, which will be worth $60 billion within a few years.

Now, let’s check how Backstage uses NFTs to solve these issues.

Backstage NFT Ticketing System

Our NFT ticketing technology is one of a kind. It solves all the problems mentioned before simply by being decentralized and using blockchain technology to implement proof of ownership.

The Backstage ticketing system offers a unique art-like option designed to drive merchandise and at-event sales. This is all registered in the blockchain and every ticket can be tracked.

For instance, smart contracts can be used to give special privileges to buyers, allowing them to resell their tickets. Or, if event organizers are worried about price gouging on secondary markets, they can set price ceilings on tickets via smart contracts.

As you can see, the potential is huge.

We also implemented a loyalty NFT system that allows us to generate revenue for Backstage while enabling owners very special privileges. Users have access to unique and beautiful NFT tickets that act as a sales channel for artists and venues.

For example, NFT tickets can include digital albums and merchandise, in addition to serving as a piece of art or memorabilia that can increase in value over time.

Currently, a lot of features come with our NFTs. While we can’t disclose everything about our Secret NFTs yet, the BKS Main NFTs offer:

  • Lifetime 20% discount for events hosted by Backstage
  • 5 free tickets for events hosted by Backstage
  • Guaranteed early access for 5 exclusive Backstage events
  • Guaranteed early access to tickets for 20 concerts
  • Guaranteed airdrops of artist-related NFTs and merchandise
  • Guaranteed airdrops of Backstage merchandise

Backstage NFT Ticketing in Action

Backstage is leading the NFT revolution in the entertainment industry and has already had the chance to prove its NFT system is a complete game-changer. Our team will participate in the Sun & Snow Festival, where we’ll serve as the main NFT ticketing partner.

We’ll be the main NFT ticket partner at Sun & Snow.

We’re partnering with a wide variety of events and entertainment businesses, including Entertix, the main ticketing provider in Romania, and Ahau Collection, a luxury hotel group in Tulum, Mexico.

We’ll serve as the NFT ticketing partner for the Caprice Festival in the Swiss Alps. We’re also working with XMANNA to provide NFT tickets for sports venues, in addition to metaverse events and other services.

NFTs Are Going Mainstream & So Is Backstage

NFT ticketing technology has already proven to be very useful. It will certainly be a technology that ticketing agencies and event organizers use to boost efficiencies, increase sales, and eliminate fraud.

We’re already seeing NFT ticketing at major events. For example, every person that attended the Super Bowl got an NFT version of their ticket to keep as a collectible.

Indeed, the potential is amazing. And at Backstage, we’re ahead of the game when it comes to our NFT technological capabilities.

As we continue to prove the efficiency and transparency of our NFT ticketing technology, we expect more events and artists to partner with Backstage. So, stay tuned — our NFT ticketing system is going mainstream.

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Backstage is powering the crypto revolution in the events industry. Through the BKS token and our blockchain ecosystem, Backstage aims to solve the current challenges facing the events and entertainment sectors. From financing and payments to NFT ticketing and marketplaces, Backstage $BKS will take the events industry toward a more sustainable, profitable and fair future. Backstage has a very strong and open community and everyone can join and contribute to the platform’s development by purchasing tokens and helping fund the entertainment industry.

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