Backstage Partners with KoinSaati to Boost Awareness in Turkey Ahead of the IDO

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4 min readJun 1, 2022

{1st of June, 2022; Turkey}: Backstage is proud to announce we’re partnering with KoinSaati, Turkey’s most active cryptocurrency and blockchain community. This is yet another move towards accelerating growth and mainstream adoption of the Backstage ecosystem in the event and entertainment industry.

With this partnership, Backstage is proving once again that we’re ready to fulfill our mission. Backstage is bringing the crypto revolution to the events industry, and we’re already powering hundreds of nightclubs, concert venues, festivals and sports teams with blockchain, NFT ticketing and metaverse technology.

By entering into this partnership, Backstage hopes to attract a new wave of artists, community members, BKS token users and investors, as well as gain more presence within the Turkish crypto audience. KoinSaati is from Turkey, with a high portion of community members from there as well. Working with KoinSaati undoubtedly will help Backstage go mainstream in the country.

For KoinSaati, they will have an opportunity to introduce their audience to one of crypto’s top projects in 2022. Backstage offers real-world use cases and solutions, and the community will have the chance to get BKS tokens early to use for entertainment, from concerts and art festivals to clubs and hotels. Partnering with Backstage also presents the KoinSaati audience with a new investment opportunity, as the Backstage IDO is coming up and now’s the time to get in at entry-level prices.

Through the partnership, Backstage can also showcase the BKS Marketplace and Launchpad to the KoinSaati community, which will enable them to do everything from buy NFTs of their favorite musicians to raise funds for an event. The hope is that many members of the KoinSaati community will begin using the Backstage platform after reading and learning about the project.

Education will be a big part of this partnership. With this collaboration, KoinSaati will inform their readership about Backstage’s NFT technology and marketplace, BiKoS crypto wallet, and metaverse infrastructure. Moreover, KoinSaati will act as a bridge to empower Turkish artists and producers with Backstage technology.

KoinSaati launched only in 2020, but their social media presence is enviable as their Twitter has 26K+ followers and their Telegram channel has 25K+ members. According to Similar Web, their website gets nearly 50K+ monthly visits.

Considering Backstage already does business in Turkey at Aspendos Theater and Paradise Island Beach Club, this makes KoinSaati the perfect partner for Backstage to join and help push forward the word about Backstage across Turkey. This partnership is the next step for Backstage into the lucrative Turkish market.

The collaboration will prove very beneficial for KoinSaati as they can introduce their audience to another growing project. They also get early access to a project that is still in its early stages, but overflowing with potential and ready to take over the $1.5 trillion events industry.

Backstage will also greatly benefit from the partnership as KoinSaati will also promote Backstage through their KOL network in Turkey. That should maximize awareness of Backstage in the country and expand their market share there (and hopefully tap into unexplored investment and development potential).

The potential of this partnership to deliver positive results for both KoinSaati and Backstage is tremendous. We look forward to all that comes to fruition from this collaboration.

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KoinSaati aims to make blockchain renowned, increase financial literacy, and bring innovative and visionary perspectives.

With its experienced team, KoinSaati also provides services in a great variety with its experienced editors, fundamental and technical analysts, marketing department, a lawyer focused on blockchain law, professional social media and video content experts.

KoinSaati aims to bring a qualified workforce into the sector by training interns, as well as instill the interest of blockchain to the masses.

Inspired by the decentralized and egalitarian nature of blockchain, KoinSaati has a highly proactive social media and chat community that cares about community decisions.

The aim of this platform with high reliability and follower interaction is to be at the center of all innovative movements of blockchain.

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