The STAGE: Unifying the Events Industry

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Community is everything, especially in the crypto and entertainment industries. The community is what supports and helps improve a project.

At Backstage, we’re so happy to have the support of our community. Without the support of Backstagers, our project wouldn’t be where it is today.

As you know, Backstage aims to bring the crypto revolution to the events industry. We’re working to solve the problems currently afflicting the industry. We’ve built an ecosystem to solve those issues, which includes a Marketplace, an NFT Ticketing system, a Crypto POS Wallet and a Launchpad.

These features are driven by our community, and they all come together in a new and innovative platform called The STAGE.

What is The STAGE?

The STAGE is the foundation of the Backstage $BKS ecosystem and the backbone of the digital revolution in the events and entertainment industry. It is the platform created to join event producers with investors and artists with fans in one big ecosystem. This ecosystem will:

  • Help organizers find funding for their event projects
  • Allow artists and fans to connect in more intimate ways
  • Enable investors to find promising events at the early stages
  • Provide unique benefits to fans, such as access to exclusive NFTs
  • Open up new economic opportunities for all involved (musicians can list NFTs for sale, event operators can network with financiers, etc)

With the introduction of innovative features and new solutions to the old problems, The STAGE is unifying the entertainment sector. By doing so, Backstage is bound to transform the way things are done in the events industry.

What does The Stage have to offer?

The STAGE will focus on the events community: the artists, investors, venues and agencies. It connects everyone together in one place — something no other platform in the events sector has done.

This makes Backstage a first-mover here, and should provide a significant advantage for platform adoption. We’ve also built The STAGE so that the platform benefits every stakeholder — even the everyday fan!

Here are just some of the benefits each type of STAGE member could enjoy:

  • For artists, the platform will help talent and creators get more exposure and community engagement.
  • For investors, the STAGE offers a new and easy way for financiers to fund events and get their share of profits a lot faster.
  • For venues, the platform represents an easy and efficient way to attract talent, customers and funding
  • For agencies, the STAGE enables event organizers and entertainments producers to easily access fast and secure funding.

To sum up, The STAGE will serve as the ecosystem backbone. It will become a fundraising channel, networking platform, merchandise advertising location and much, much more. It’s where industry players will connect and make big things happen.

Why The STAGE Is So Important to Backstage

When you consider that the events industry already has annual sales of $1.135 trillion, a platform unifying the industry has tremendous potential. Backstage is also merging the massive events sector with the multi-trillion crypto industry and booming NFT market (which create even more opportunity).

Simply put, The STAGE could be very, very big.

With transactions fueled by the $BKS token, the STAGE serves as the foundation for the entire Backstage ecosystem. The STAGE enables our other platforms, like:

  • The BKS Marketplace: Venues can sell NFT tickets, musicians can sell merchandise, and fans can buy tickets and access privileges.
  • The Crypto POS Wallet: Fans can make crypto payments at events and venues can accept BKS and convert to fiat. There will also be staking features for BKS holders to earn passive income.
  • The BKS Launchpad: The Launchpad enables not only entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in specific events and other gatherings but also single individuals and other producers to easily present their projects and get the right guidance and the needed funding to jumpstart their projects.

Without The STAGE, there is no community to engage on these platforms. There are no hands to support the ecosystem. The STAGE is the unifying platform for all areas of the BKS ecosystem. It’s our pillar!

What’s Next for The STAGE

As we continue to develop and get closer to our public IDO and crowdsale, we’ll have more details on when the platform will be live. Look for us to begin rolling out some key features in Q2 2022.

Stay tuned — Backstage’s journey to bring the crypto revolution to the events industry is just beginning.

About Backstage

Backstage is powering the crypto revolution in the events industry. Through the BKS token and our blockchain ecosystem, Backstage aims to solve the current challenges facing the events and entertainment sectors. From financing and payments to NFT ticketing and marketplaces, Backstage will take the events industry toward a more sustainable, profitable and fair future.

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The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry