The STAGE: Unifying the Events Industry

What is The STAGE?

  • Help organizers find funding for their event projects
  • Allow artists and fans to connect in more intimate ways
  • Enable investors to find promising events at the early stages
  • Provide unique benefits to fans, such as access to exclusive NFTs
  • Open up new economic opportunities for all involved (musicians can list NFTs for sale, event operators can network with financiers, etc)

What does The Stage have to offer?

  • For artists, the platform will help talent and creators get more exposure and community engagement.
  • For investors, the STAGE offers a new and easy way for financiers to fund events and get their share of profits a lot faster.
  • For venues, the platform represents an easy and efficient way to attract talent, customers and funding
  • For agencies, the STAGE enables event organizers and entertainments producers to easily access fast and secure funding.

Why The STAGE Is So Important to Backstage

  • The BKS Marketplace: Venues can sell NFT tickets, musicians can sell merchandise, and fans can buy tickets and access privileges.
  • The Crypto POS Wallet: Fans can make crypto payments at events and venues can accept BKS and convert to fiat. There will also be staking features for BKS holders to earn passive income.
  • The BKS Launchpad: The Launchpad enables not only entrepreneurs and businesses to invest in specific events and other gatherings but also single individuals and other producers to easily present their projects and get the right guidance and the needed funding to jumpstart their projects.

What’s Next for The STAGE

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