Backstage Brings on UFC Fighter Kelvin Gastelum as Ambassador

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4 min readMay 31, 2022
Backstage makes its way into the UFC with this Kelvin Gastelum partnership.

Backstage is proud to announce we’re partnering with Kelvin Gastelum Encinas, an American MMA fighter currently competing in the UFC Middleweight Division.

Committed to fighting all the way to the top of crypto, we’re bringing the heavyweights to our team at Backstage! Our collaboration with Kelvin Gastelum is one of our most important partnerships to date.

Backstage Enters the Mixed Martial Arts Market by Partnering with Kelvin Gastelum

Backstage isn’t only about music and festivals, but about all forms of entertainment and events, including MMA. We’re thrilled to take the step into MMA by bringing on Kelvin Gastelum as an Ambassador.

This is a perfect match for us, as Kelvin is an exhilarating fighter in the ring and has a true passion for crypto and blockchain technology. We’re excited Kelvin sees the potential in Backstage.

“I was immediately intrigued and eager to hear more about Backstage and the services and events they produce around the world. I’m excited for the opportunity to be able to grow and work alongside this community. I believe this ecosystem is a slather of the future that is to come and It only makes me excited and look forward to the future,” said Kelvin Gastelum about the partnership.

Kelvin began his UFC career in 2013, after becoming the youngest fighter ever to win Ultimate Fighter at the age of 21. After winning Ultimate Fighter 17, Gastelum first competed in the Welterweight Division and then in the Middleweight Division.

To date, Kelvin has amassed 17 victories, including 6 by knockout and 4 by submission. Gastelum’s 2019 brawl against Israel Adesanya for the Interim UFC Middleweight Championship was voted the MMA Fight of the Year, and is considered one of the sport’s most legendary fights.

UFC Gets the Chance to See Backstage’s Revolutionary Technology

As an Ambassador for Backstage in the UFC, Kelvin will promote the Backstage company on his social media channels and also during his fights. This will surely bring greater awareness of Backstage and help Backstage gain a foothold in the lucrative mixed martial arts market.

Moreover, our partnership will bring not only a general awareness of Backstage, but also a greater familiarity with the specifics of Backstage technology, notably our NFT ticketing, crypto payments, and metaverse events technology.

As a Backstage Ambassador, Kelvin has become a pioneer of blockchain technology in sports. By collaborating with us, Kelvin will also help Backstage get in front of UFC leadership and other fighters. Once they see the benefits of decentralization and tokenization, we believe other fighters and athletes will want to join the Backstage Ambassador program.

As part of this Ambassador partnership, Backstage will sell Kelvin’s NFTs on the BKS Marketplace. This will help Kelvin make more intimate connections with existing fans, reach new fans, and formally enter the crypto world. Plus, an NFT business on the BKS Marketplace means another revenue stream for Kelvin.

The potential of this collaboration is truly limitless, and Backstage is pumped to have Kelvin on board as an Ambassador. We look forward to supporting him in future fights and on his journey to becoming a champion.

About Kelvin Gastelum

Born in 1991 in San Jose, California, Kelvin Gastelum’s fighting career began in high school as a wrestler. Kelvin excelled at wrestling at North Idaho College, and then decided to pursue a career in mixed martial arts professionally. After going on a five-fight win streak, Kelvin competed in Ultimate Fighter 17 and became the youngest to even win the competition at 21 years old.

Kelvin entered the UFC in 2013, first competing in the Welterweight Division and then the Middleweight Division. To date, Kelvin has amassed 17 victories and currently is ranked 10th in his division.

In addition to being a highly successful UFC fighter, Kelvin is fascinated with the vast potential of blockchain technology and crypto. The natural synergy between Kelvin and Backstage makes the potential of this collaboration limitless.

As Backstage fights its way to the top of crypto, we’re excited to support Kelvin on his journey to becoming a UFC Champion.

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