DEXT FORCE Invests in Backstage, Will Help Us Achieve a Successful Launch

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3 min readJun 8, 2022

Backstage is excited to announce we’re partnering with DEXT FORCE, the powerful trading, research, marketing and incubating arm of the DEXTools ecosystem. Through the partnership, DEXT FORCE will help us execute a successful IDO and launch, as well as become an early-stage investor in Backstage.

The partnership will be a win-win for both companies. While Backstage will have the best guidance and technical support to get our IDO successfully underway, DEXT FORCE will add one more amazing project to its portfolio as well as enter the lucrative entertainment space.

DEXT FORCE is one of the tools found in the DEXTools ecosystem. As a trading tool and app, the DEXTools ecosystem aims to provide the best real-time market information for professional crypto traders. By aggregating blockchain data into one comprehensive system, DEXTools allows users to have a clear vision of investments and where current market tendencies stand.

As part of the DEXTools ecosystem, DEXT FORCE’s mission is to provide the most professional support and guidance to new companies looking to succeed in the blockchain industry. DEXT FORCE focuses on helping projects from the incubation stage to public listing and beyond. DEXT FORCE Ventures also invests in early-stage blockchain projects.

DEXT FORCE has built quite the reputation in the industry, having already guided lots of projects to successful launches. Some projects DEXT FORCE has advised include Faraland, Bitspawn, Dream Quest, Modefi, Sigmadex and many more.

At Backstage, we’re optimistic about our joining forces with DEXT FORCE Ventures, as the collaboration will be helpful in ensuring we’re properly prepared for the IDO. We’re also proud that DEXT FORCE believes in Backstage’s technology and showed that with an investment in our project. It’s testament to our vision and hard work.

As for DEXT FORCE, they can benefit tremendously from being an early-stage investor. They can also introduce our amazing project to their community, who may be eager to invest or support us too! And if we can successfully bring the crypto revolution to the events industry, every early holder of BKS tokens will reap the rewards for a lifetime.

This partnership will help build awareness of the Backstage ecosystem too. The DEXT FORCE community on Telegram already counts more than 22,000 members. They also have more than 250 diamond partners and have incubated more than 30 amazing projects. This will surely be a good channel to spread the word about Backstage.

Apart from advising us throughout the whole IDO process, DEXT FORCE will also continue to support us after the launch. We look forward to a mutually beneficial long-term collaboration.


DEXT FORCE Ventures is the investment arm of DEXT FORCE mission is to provide guidance to new projects and startups, from its incubation up to its launch and beyond.

The DEXT FORCE team is a powerful group of experienced, researched and committed DeFi traders and investors who, as a group, provide a significant interest and combined investment capacity. The DEXT FORCE is precisely the group of investors that early stage projects need to engage for these early private allocations.

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