Backstage Entered the Spotlight at Tulum Crypto Fest

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3 min readMay 20, 2022
Backstage made the headlines at Tulum Crypto Fest.

Backstage recently participated in the Tulum Crypto Fest, one of Mexico’s most important crypto events. The festival was a big success for Backstage.

Here’s what happened.

We got the word out about Backstage

Backstage was one of the main stars at the first-ever Tulum Crypto Fest. Hosted at Papaya Playa Project, Tulum Crypto Fest was a three-day festival exclusively dedicated to crypto technology and crypto innovation.

The gathering focused on talks and innovative discussions, NFT art installations, and wellness activities and workshops. The festival included the participation of several keynote speakers such as:

  • Pablo Gonzalez, Founder of Bitso, one of the biggest LATAM crypto exchanges
  • Ritesh Patel: Co-founder and CEO of the Ticket Fairy
  • Elisabetta Lampadecchia: Forbes Chief Strategy Officer

As a participant at the event, Backstage marked its presence by introducing our amazing technology to several market leaders. The festival gave Backstage the chance to talk about our NFT ticketing system, crypto PoS, metaverse technology and entire ecosystem to potential partners and investors.

We expanded our network

Tulum Crypto Fest provided us the opportunity to connect with NFT artists and designers, club and venue owners, crypto thought leaders, investors and more influential folks. We received lots of great feedback on the Backstage project.

Apart from all the discussions, there was time for more informal chats and activities. This is where our team took the chance to have more intimate approaches to potential investors and other entrepreneurs eager to know more about Backstage technology.

All in all, we can say the festival went great for the company as we managed to make new connections and successfully get the attention of important folks in the industry. We expect great announcements to follow thanks to our presence at this festival, especially when it comes to new partnerships and investors.

We showed Backstage has real-world value

One of the biggest accomplishments for Backstage during the festival was to demonstrate that our solutions are here to help the real world — to revolutionize the events and entertainment industry. During the discussions and presentations, Backstage had time to show our technology’s real-world implications.

There was time for the team to present possible scenarios where Backstage had the perfect solution. The amazing potential of NFT tickets was one of the main focuses of interest at the event. So, this was an extraordinary opportunity to market Backstage’s NFT ticketing capabilities and highlight the full potential of it to revolutionize the events space.

Our platform is proof that crypto can be used to empower the event and entertainment industry to get away from the unfair traditional financial system and achieve sustainability and financial independence through blockchain-powered solutions.

Love for Backstage is growing

Tulum Crypto Fest was one of the first big crypto events where Backstage could showcase our technology to the world. It was an amazing opportunity to meet with the right people and introduce The STAGE — our blockchain-powered ecosystem. By deploying a decentralized platform that allows anyone in the industry to find the right support and access funding, we’re introducing a gamechanger and leading the industry through a 21st-century digital revolution.

While all eyes were set on Backstage, everything went flawless. Our team enjoyed a very positive reception. The love for Backstage within the crypto community is growing strong!

This is great momentum for our project at just the right time. Stay tuned — because Backstage’s mission, technology and team are as strong as ever.

About Backstage

Backstage is powering the crypto revolution in the events industry. Through the BKS token and our blockchain ecosystem, Backstage aims to solve the current challenges facing the events and entertainment sectors. From financing and payments to NFT ticketing and marketplaces, Backstage $BKS will take the events industry toward a more sustainable, profitable and fair future. Backstage has a very strong and open community and everyone can join and contribute to the platform’s development by purchasing tokens and helping fund the entertainment industry.

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