Backstage & the $BKS Token: The Liquidity Provider for Your Project

The Backstage Ecosystem: Designed for Sustainability & Liquidity

A Better Financing Option for the Events and Entertainments Industry

  • Organizers apply for approval to seek funding on Backstage’s financing platform.
  • Organizers set terms and conditions of an investment, such as expected ROI or interest amount.
  • Organizers present their project or event to the community on the Backstage platform.
  • Community members and investors put money into the project or event.
  • After the event, $BKS tokens are distributed according to the agreed-upon terms and conditions.

What else can the $BKS token do?

  • Selling NFTs to increase revenue: Fans use $BKS to buy NFT collectibles and NFT tickets with special features (backstage access, early access to new content, photoshoot sessions with artists, etc)
  • Using NFT tech to prevent ticket counterfeiting: This minimizes losses and risk.
  • Allowing investors to stake $BKS: Investors earn passive income, while organizers get funds for the event.
  • Accepting $BKS for services: Accepting $BKS for tickets, food and beverage, equipment rentals, reservations, merchandise and more offers access to the liquidity of the Backstage ecosystem. As we’ve noted, Backstage will buy back tokens after purchases, which enables event organizers to exchange for fiat in an instant.
  • Faster operations: Thanks to BKS Crypto Wallet for Businesses, enterprises can easily use $BKS and get paid in fiat, crypto or both with the click of a button. Everything from paying invoices to putting money in the bank becomes a breeze.
  • Offering an NFT Marketplace: When events partner with artists and content creators, they can provide them access to the Backstage NFT marketplace — another avenue for sales and revenue.

The Road Ahead

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