Backstage Will Be at Tulum Crypto Fest, Will Serve as NFT Ticket Provider and Speaker

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4 min readMay 9, 2022

Tulum, Mexico; 9th May 2022; Backstage is excited to announce we’re taking part in the Tulum Crypto Fest, the first-ever crypto-dedicated event in Tulum. In addition to being the NFT ticketing provider at the event, we’ll have the opportunity to introduce our amazing technologies to leaders in the crypto space and users of blockchain technology.

Backstage will have representatives from our team speaking at the event. We hope this generates a lot of hype about our project.

Hosted at Papaya Playa Project, Tulum Crypto Fest is a three-day festival exclusively dedicated to crypto technology and crypto innovation. The festival has an incredible line-up of keynote speakers, innovative discussions, NFT art installations, wellness activities and workshops, and of course, the magic of the surroundings, and the amazing and natural beauty of Tulum. You can see the whole agenda here.

The festival will be an incredible opportunity for Backstage to show ourselves to the crypto world.

  • We’ll be showing the potential of our technology with our NFT tickets.
  • Backstage team members will have a booth at the festival. We plan to join in plenty of discussions as we spread the word about the Backstage project.
  • We’ll be giving a speech about bringing the crypto revolution to the events industry.

Taking part in the festival brings huge benefits for Backstage. For instance, the festival will be the right place for Backstage to show how versatile our platform is and how we can merge the crypto and entertainment industries. Attending the festival will allow us to further ingrain ourselves in Tulum, which is a leading travel destination and a place teeming with “crypto life”. We already work with numerous businesses in Tulum, including Ziggy’s Beach Club and Ahau Hotel Collection.

The festival also represents an important networking opportunity for entrepreneurs and individuals working in the crypto space as the list of speakers is very notable. More than 20 speakers will be focusing on topics that range from real-estate tokenization, smart contracts and women in crypto to NFT ticketing, crypto payments and Web3 technology. Other topics include crypto and media, crypto education, and much more.

Immanuel Cape, a crypto guru in Tulum, friend of BKS and investor in the Backstage project, will be speaking about Backstage’s next-gen technologies along with Ritesh Patel, Co-Founder and CEO of The Ticket Fairy. They’ll be part of a panel discussing the future of event management, NFT ticketing and crypto payments — all solutions Backstage offers!

Immanuel Cape, the crypto guru, will be speaking about Backstage in Tulum.

Immanuel Cape is also the Founder of the Tulum Crypto Club.

Ritesh Patel is one of the keynote speakers at Tulum Crypto Fest, and he will be discussing our technologies.

Some other notable speakers joining the fest are:

  • Pablo Gonzalez, Founder of Bitso, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South America
  • Elisabetta Lampadecchia, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) — Forbes
  • Aaron Koenig, Founder & Director of /
  • Ryan Wilkinson Co-Founder of Block Asset and many more.

The festival promises to be a memorable, important event as well as a ton of fun. Apart from the discussions, there will be time for wellness workshops, NFT art exhibits, beach relaxation and more. At night, there will also be some time for side chatting, DJ performances, local cuisine and other entertainment.

If you are a crypto lover or even just trying to get into this new crypto reality, Tulum Crypto Fest is the perfect place for you to learn and meet with the best. We’ll be there, learning and networking. Come join us!

About Tulum Crypto Fest

Tulum Crypto Fest is an immersive experience designed to connect the physical, digital and spiritual worlds. The festival provides a journey into the #Beachital era that fuses blockchain, web3, music, art and entertainment with Tulum’s iconic jungle, beach, nightlife and wellness scene.

The festival will cover important topics in crypto with an incredible lineup of keynote speakers and innovative discussions. There will also be NFT art installations, wellness activities such as yoga, networking events, DJ performances and more.

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