BKS Metaverse Events: Endless Possibilities & Benefits

BKS metaverse events are open to everyone and more inclusive

  • No longer will it be too expensive to see your favorite sports team, musician, performer or other entertainment live.
  • People who feel more comfortable attending events from their own home can now do so. Metaverse events are much more inclusive.
  • People all over the world can enjoy an intimate fan experience — something that wasn’t possible due to cost or location beforehand.
  • Venues, artists, teams and more can maximize revenue potential with metaverse tickets and merchandise sales.

BKS metaverse events minimize environmental footprint

Events can become more interactive

  • You can participate in multiple events at the same time.
  • Creators can introduce in-event contests and polls using the metaverse.
  • Engagement and activities can even be gamified.
  • Attendees can have more options when it comes to seating and viewing an event.

BKS metaverse events can simplify payments & loyalty programs

  • VIP experiences
  • Merchandise airdrops
  • Promos and discounts

The road ahead for metaverse events

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The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry