BKS Metaverse Events: Endless Possibilities & Benefits

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4 min readMay 12, 2022

Metaverse events have become more common in the 2020s. If you go to a site like NFT Plazas, you can even see a calendar of metaverse events in popular virtual worlds such as Sandbox and Decentraland.

While the innovation in the space has been impressive, metaverse technology has yet to be taken into the mainstream events industry. We’re not yet regularly attending concerts, sports games, theater performances and other entertainment in the metaverse.

But that’s about to change.

Backstage, with a vision to make metaverse events mainstream in the events and entertainment industry, is already powering hundreds of nightclubs, concert venues, festivals and sports teams with blockchain, NFT ticketing, crypto payments and metaverse technology.

To us, the metaverse is much more than a buzzword. It will help us fulfill our mission of democratizing the entertainment industry. Along with our partner, XMANNA, we’re pioneering a new age in the events industry. As we’ve written before, thanks to the power of the metaverse, events will have no limits on what’s possible. Imagine the possibilities — and all the benefits.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into all the benefits Backstage’s metaverse technology can bring to the events industry.

BKS metaverse events are open to everyone and more inclusive

Think about this: There are 7.9 billion people in the world, and about 93% of them listen to music. That’s basically more than 7 billion people.

The thing is, when a concert venue hosts a concert and performer, their revenue is limited by geography, venue capacity and ticket costs. With the potential to allow virtual attendees in the metaverse, those barriers are removed. Anyone can attend metaverse events — no matter how much money they have or where they are in the world.

This opens up so many benefits for both attendees, hosts and performers

  • No longer will it be too expensive to see your favorite sports team, musician, performer or other entertainment live.
  • People who feel more comfortable attending events from their own home can now do so. Metaverse events are much more inclusive.
  • People all over the world can enjoy an intimate fan experience — something that wasn’t possible due to cost or location beforehand.
  • Venues, artists, teams and more can maximize revenue potential with metaverse tickets and merchandise sales.

BKS metaverse events minimize environmental footprint

The average event attendee has an environmental impact of 400 pounds of CO2 per day, according to industry research. Much of that impact comes from travel to and from the event. While it is necessary to have live attendees, there is a way to limit the impact: Making events a hybrid format.

Thanks to Backstage, clubs, festivals, sports stadiums and other facilities can now host hybrid events. There will still be attendees in the physical world, but there will also be virtual attendees in the metaverse.

We hope this will have a positive impact on the environment, as anyone will be able to attend meetings and events without having to travel via car, plane or train. That would mean less CO2 emissions — a plus for the environment.

Events can become more interactive

There are endless possibilities when it comes to interaction and interactivity within the metaverse environment. That’s because the BKS metaverse connects the physical and digital worlds seamlessly.

  • You can participate in multiple events at the same time.
  • Creators can introduce in-event contests and polls using the metaverse.
  • Engagement and activities can even be gamified.
  • Attendees can have more options when it comes to seating and viewing an event.

The last point is important. Consider watching a basketball game. Instead of having your assigned seat, which you would have if you attended the game in person, you can watch from different camera angles, including courtside and above-the-court seats. How amazing would that be?

With metaverse technology intertwined in the event, you’re only limited by your imagination. Plus, with the BKS token connected to the BKS metaverse, you can easily enable transactions with the click of a button.

BKS metaverse events can simplify payments & loyalty programs

Users will have a lot more to enjoy as the metaverse has the potential to transform contests and loyalty programs. While companies can innovate the way they give back to the users, fans can connect wallets as they explore the metaverse, streamlining payments and aiding loyalty program management.

With our Loyalty NFTs, we’re already showing the potential of metaverse events and web3 wallets to boost engagement and loyalty. By having a BKS Loyalty NFT, you open a whole new world of benefits beyond access to events, including:

  • VIP experiences
  • Merchandise airdrops
  • Promos and discounts

The BKS metaverse does not only work to increase engagement during live events, but also to continue that engagement after the event. Unlike physical events, attendees won’t have to leave the arena or venue after the event. You can continue exploring the metaverse, meet the performers virtually and more.

The road ahead for metaverse events

As we have demonstrated, the possibilities of the BKS metaverse are endless. The Backstage metaverse is here to completely disrupt the way how things are done in the events and entertainment industry.

So, stay tuned. Our IDO is coming in Q2 and we have plenty of development up ahead. Good things are coming, and we want you along for the ride.

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