The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Damaged the Events Industry. But Opportunities Arise from the Darkest Moments

How blockchain technology can help rebuild the events industry

The Backstage blockchain is coming to the events industry. Let’s toast to that (source)!
  1. A low level of digitization and innovation
  2. A lack of financing options in the capital market
  3. Counterfeit tickets (5+ million fake tickets are sold each year)
  4. A lack of a unified ecosystem/platform (which leads to inefficiencies)
  5. Artists don’t get fair value for their work due to piracy, agency fees, unfair production company contracts, etc

Backstage: The way forward for the events industry

The future of the events industry will fair, efficient, profitable, sustainable and fun (source)!



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BKSBackstage Official

BKSBackstage Official

The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry