Backstage Wins 2nd Place at the Global Blockchain Congress!

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3 min readJul 16, 2022


Backstage made quite the impression at the Global Blockchain Congress.

The Backstage team just returned from Vietnam with exciting news: We came in second at the Global Blockchain Congress!

About the Global Blockchain Congress

Here we are at the blockchain conference.

Held in Hanoi at the Intercontinental Landmark Hotel from July 11–12, 2022, the conference was hosted by Agora Group and V2B Labs. Backstage joined the conference as a strategic partner and truly entered the spotlight during the event, getting voted the 2nd best blockchain project.

The first nine editions of the Global Blockchain Congress took place in Dubai. This was the first time the event was held in Asia, and it was a tremendous success.

Overall, the Global Blockchain Congress in Vietnam featured more than 100 investors, 60 speakers, 40 media partners, 250 delegates and 20 sponsors. An invite-only event, invitations were extended only towards promising metaverse, DeFi, gaming and NFT projects seeking investments.

The conference, which aims to advance blockchain technology in the world, provided a unique platform for connecting investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, business leaders, and government officials. As an innovator in the blockchain space, Backstage took the opportunity to pitch our project to investors, get feedback from business leaders, talk with regulators and more.

For Backstage, the event was an amazing chance to build awareness and network with investors and industry leaders. We took full advantage of the opportunity, as our presentation was very well-received by the conference attendees.

VCs Vote Backstage the 2nd Best Project

Our team gave a great presentation at the conference.

The Backstage team, led by Mauricio Silvestris (Backstage CEO) and Crypto Viking (Lead Crypto Advisor), gave a powerful presentation to the audience of crypto investors, industry experts and blockchain entrepreneurs. We highlighted:

We also spoke about all the great partnerships we’ve made to date, from XMANNA and Ground Zero to Aspendos Theatre and Entertix. To conclude, we talked about our team members, advisors and current investors, as well as reemphasized the Backstage mission: To deliver Entertainment 3.0 and bring the crypto revolution to the events industry.

Our presentation received lots of praise and generated some amazing buzz about Backstage. We received a lot of great feedback, and now have a better understanding of how we can unlock new opportunities for Backstage.

We were also pleased by all the compliments the Backstage project received, and honored that we were awarded 2nd place. We’ll keep this prize close to our hearts and in our offices going forward!

We expect a lot of good relationships to happen thanks to the Global Blockchain Congress. Stay tuned for more information on partnerships, investments and business deals that arise from our networking at this event.

About the Hosts, Agora Group & V2B Labs

V2B Labs facilitates blockchain integration by consulting and investing in viable blockchain entrepreneurs. V2B Labs has a $5 million grant program to provide financing to industry projects, as they aim to play a big role in taking blockchain technology mainstream.

Headquartered in the UAE, Agora Group specializes in connecting international companies to Arab and African markets. Agora provides services such as investor networking, feasibility studies, and go-to-market strategies. They specifically like to work with blockchain projects that provide real-world solutions.