Backstage Announces Partnership with Blue Marlin Ibiza

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4 min readDec 22, 2021
This partnership is a huge step in bringing crypto to the events and entertainment industry.

(Ibiza, Spain; December 22, 2021): Backstage is proud to announce it is signing a partnership with Blue Marlin Ibiza, an exclusive restaurant, beach club and social hub in Ibiza with DJs and live music.

The partnership will bring the Events and Entertainment industry one step closer to the crypto space. It’s the Backstage mission to bring crypto to the events industry. This will help deliver much-needed innovation and benefits, as the trustless, decentralized blockchain will help drive operational efficiencies and financial sustainability.

Through the agreement, Blue Marlin Ibiza will utilize the Backstage platform for everything from payments and financing to ticketing. Backstage will integrate its tools into Blue Marlin Ibiza’s system, giving the renowned venue access to a fully transparent financing and digitizing system that’s driven by the community and powered by the blockchain.

Perhaps most importantly, this partnership will allow Blue Marlin Ibiza to leverage Backstage’s platform and NFT capabilities to sell exclusive access to private seating and beach beds. Blue Marlin Ibiza will also make use of Backstage’s wallet technology to implement a crypto POS, allowing their clients to pay in crypto.

Backstage strives to establish the next generation of event finance and digital services by delivering a blockchain-based Platform-as-a-Service. Partnering up with Blue Marlin Ibiza will be a major push to help spread the word about Backstage worldwide. After all, Ibiza is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

According to Ibiza Airport statistics, more than 8 million people come to the island yearly (prior to COVID-19). Some have homes on the island, while others are there for business and work. The island gets lots of tourists too.

Given Ibiza’s popularity, this partnership means that Backstage will have an enormous ground to spread the word and introduce countless people to the Backstage project. Additionally, the partnership will help get local artists onto the “STAGE” platform, as well as boost further use and adoption of Backstage NFTs and their utility token $BKS.

By helping spread awareness and enabling new digital mechanisms to empower the events ecosystem, Blue Marlin Ibiza is embracing the potential to disrupt the ecosystem. Apart from an easy and trusted way to access funding, BKS is building crypto wallet technology for entertainment businesses. This wallet will enable Blue Marlin Ibiza to handle all their finances within the crypto platform, as well as apply for licenses, permits, and authorizations much more efficiently.

The arrival of Backstage couldn’t have come at a better time.

According to a Risk Management in the Event Industry Essay, the Events and Entertainment Industry was probably one of the most hit industries by the COVID-19 pandemic. Two years have passed and restrictions are now lifted but artists are still affected and are yet to get back to a normal life.

Accessing funds to organize an event has become extremely hard if you do not have the capital to start. Given that the Event industry is regarded as high risk, access to traditional funding is difficult for the majority of operators working in the sector. Banks have long lost their interest in funding events, forcing the industry to find new sources of funding.

This is where Backstage $BKS comes in and where Blue Marlin Ibiza sees an opportunity to access a completely brand new financial model. Both teams are excited about the potential.

“We believe that our first official collaboration with Blue Marlin Ibiza is the beginning of a giant technological leap forward for the magic island,” stated Stefano Mazzetti, COO of Backstage.

The Backstage and Blue Marlin Ibiza partnership will bring the Events and Entertainment industry into a new era of innovation and financial decentralization — an era that is bound to fully transform the face of the industry and create the basis for its economic freedom.

For more information, please contact the Backstage Team through the official Telegram group: You can reach the Blue Marlin Ibiza team at:

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About Blue Marlin Ibiza

Glitzy, glam and everything you’ve ever heard about Ibiza’s VIP scene and more, the original Blue Marlin Ibiza — located on the pebbly shores of south coast hotspot Cala Jondal — is the undisputed king of Ibiza’s beach club scene. Being one of the most fashionable and entertaining beach lounge clubs in the world, it’s always worth arriving early to make the most of the day-to-night, open-air experience at Blue Marlin Ibiza.

Increasingly becoming known as house music party destination, day clubbers can see some of the world’s best DJs — think Pete Tong, Dennis Ferrer, Skream plus local faves like Jean Claude Ades, Eli Rojas, Tom Crane and Andy Baxter — among others gracing the decks throughout summer. After dancing all day, head indoors to the soundproofed mini-club where the party continues until dawn, leaving you just enough time to catch a wink of sleep before doing it all over again.

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