Backstage Partners with Caprices Fest, Will Serve as NFT Marketplace Partner & Crypto Payments Provider

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4 min readMar 27, 2022

(Crans-Montana, Switzerland; March 27th, 2022): Backstage is very pleased to announce a partnership with Caprices Fest, an annual music festival that takes place in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. The collaboration will drive awareness and increase adoption for the Backstage ecosystem.

The festival is set to take place across two weekends in April (8th — 10th and 15th — 17th). The partnership is one more step on the road to making the Backstage ecosystem a mainstream tool for the entertainment space.

Stepping into festivals has always been one of Backstage’s main goals as we get the word out while putting our tech solutions to the test. Plus, the benefits of NFT technology and crypto payments benefit both festival operators and their attendees.

Voted as the Best International Festival in 2018, Caprices Fest is considered one of the most revered electronic music festivals in Europe. This year, the festival is back with the best names in house, electronica and techno. The concert lineup includes AMÉMÉ, Shimza, Jack Doe, Tale of Us, Niconé, and other top talents.

The Caprices Festival Is Backstage’s Time to Shine!

Before the main event, Caprices Festival will team up with cryptocurrency app SwissBorg to host an innovative and forward-thinking summit called Metafest. Metafest 2022, as it’s called, will take place from the 6th through the 10th of April and integrate the art and blockchain world through themes like NFT and the metaverse.

Metafest will be a summit covering the role of NFTs and metaverse in live events.

Backstage will be present at the Metafest summit. It will present the team with a great opportunity to showcase our role at Caprices as well as educate folks about our blockchain solutions for the entertainment industry. We hope this will generate hype about Backstage as Caprices Festival begins.

The team sees the Caprices Festival as the chance to grow the community and build product awareness. After all, thanks to Backstage’s NFT Marketplace, concert-goers can now have a souvenir to call their own for a lifetime — a gorgeous NFT souvenir! Additionally, Backstage will use this opportunity to welcome artists onto the STAGE platform, starting at the Metafest summit and going through the entire festival.

The location of Caprices Festival is spectacular too. Crans-Montana is one of the most popular winter resorts in Europe. Caprices Festival will transform the attractive Swiss-French resort in the Valais Mountains into a real temple of electronic music by offering an amazing musical and cultural experience.

As part of the partnership, Backstage will implement its NFT technology for souvenirs and merchandising at the festival. For Caprices Fest, the collaboration enables the ability to use Backstage’s NFT Marketplace, which will help up-sell merchandise and enable artists to connect with fans in new ways.

A Huge Market Opportunity for Backstage

According to tourism statistics, the Alps is among the most visited regions not only in Switzerland, but in Europe as well. About 60–80 million people visit the Alps each year as tourists. And tourism activities in the Alps generate close to EUR 50 billion in revenue. Simply put, the Alps is one of the most popular destinations in the world for winter sports, spring getaways, and more.

Caprices Festival will be a big opportunity for Backstage to showcase its blockchain solutions.

This year’s lineup includes Luciano b2b Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, RPR Soundsystem, Jamie Jones, Cassy, Dixon, Recondite, Dana Ruh and many more. With this kind of lineup and venue, Caprices Festival can attract tens of thousands of electronic music lovers to the fest.

For Backstage, being part of the Caprices Fest means a one-way ticket into the music festival sector. The event can also open the doors for Backstage to connect with other festival organizations, agencies, artists, fans, and even investors.

The partnership will also give Caprices Festival use the Backstage NFT platform to sell add-ons at the event as well as let artists get to know Backstage and start using NFTs to up-sell merchandise, collectibles, exclusive albums, future concert tickets, and much more.

This partnership, made in the Swiss Alps, sets the stage for a new age of opportunities in the music festival industry.

About Caprices Festival

Caprices Festival is a day-and-night electronic music festival that takes place in the Swiss Alps. Featuring the best names in electronic music, Caprices Fest will be held across two weekends in April: 8–10 and 15–17 April 2022. Heralded as one of the best electronic music festivals in Europe, Caprices Fest takes place in a glasshouse 2,200 meters up in the Swiss Alps in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. It’s truly a unique experience in a unique location.

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