Alpha Crypto Invests in Backstage, Forms Partnership to Accelerate Growth

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3 min readApr 23, 2022

(Puerto Rico; April 23, 2022): Backstage is excited to announce it is partnering with Alpha Crypto, a leading blockchain investment and consulting company with decades of experience mentoring cutting-edge projects.

In addition to providing injections of capital, Alpha Crypto specializes in helping early-stage blockchain companies with the integration of metaverse, AR, VR, IOT, NFT Gaming, NFT based ecosystems. For projects, they serve as both investors and advisors, helping guide teams to a successful raise and launch.

Apart from fundraising management, Alpha Crypto helps with the development of core infrastructure technologies. They also provide guidance with other important stages of development, such as privacy, security, regulatory compliance, decentralized identity and access management, and real-world blockchain integration.

With this collaboration, Backstage will greatly benefit from AlphaCrypto’s incredible background and experience. This partnership will help us ensure the Backstage ecosystem is completely optimized and meets partner and user expectations.

For Alpha Crypto, a partnership with Backstage means the opportunity to add an innovative blockchain project to their investment portfolio. We’ll help Alpha Crypto gain a foothold in the events industry — a $1.3 trillion market.

Alpha Crypto has helped build several successful companies from scratch. With this partnership, Alpha Crypto can tap into Backstage’s technology and enable their other partners to make use of our ecosystem.

Meanwhile, teaming up with Alpha Crypto will allow Backstage to channel new investment funds to support development and marketing. The collaboration will also allow Backstage to get the best advisory and mentorship services in the space.

Cooperating with Alpha Crypto has proven crucial for lots of successful blockchain projects so far. That means Backstage is pretty optimistic about the collaboration as it will bring us closer to our mission and goals, as well as help us firmly get on the path towards long-term success.

This partnership comes at a good time. We’ll host our IDO in late May. Alpha Crypto’s contribution will be a great opportunity for both companies to show their amazing potential.

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About AlphaCrypto

Alpha Group is a group of seasoned entrepreneurs that believe that blockchain technology is one of the most important developments of our lifetime. The team has decades of business experience that they bring to every investment they make in early-stage blockchain companies.

Alpha Crypto’s key areas of expertise and focus include the intersection of metaverse, AR, VR, IOT, NFT Gaming, NFT based Ecosystems as well as technologies that support all the above. The firm has made capital investments into over 200 innovative projects and has helped and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs in this space. Alpha Crypto looks forward to building the future of events together with Backstage.

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