A Sneak Peak at 2 March Metaverse Madness Prizes!

BKSBackstage Official
4 min readMar 23, 2022
Welcome to the most epic crypto contest ever.

With over $200K USD worth of prizes, it’s easy to see why our March Metaverse Madness contest is off to a great start.

It’s the most epic crypto contest ever, with crypto, NFTs, metaverse land and hotel stays as prizes!

If you haven’t participated yet, click here to get started: https://app.fyre.hypersign.id/form/march-metaverse-madness

You can find instructions on how to participate here: https://bksbackstageofficial.medium.com/march-metaverse-madness-win-crypto-nfts-metaverse-land-vacation-stays-5d6c002fb4d4

Today, we’re here with another big surprise: An exclusive look at two of the prizes.

  1. Backstage Loyalty NFTs
  2. XMANNA Digital Membership Seats

Backstage Loyalty NFTs: An Exclusive Look

You’ve probably heard of the Backstage Main NFTs, which will revolutionize ticketing in the entertainment industry. As this article states, BKS Main NFTs offer a lifetime 20% discount for events hosted by Backstage, as well as the following benefits.

  • 5 free tickets for events hosted by Backstage
  • Guaranteed early access for 5 exclusive Backstage events
  • Guaranteed early access to tickets for 20 concerts
  • Guaranteed airdrops of artist-related NFTs and merchandise
  • Guaranteed airdrops of Backstage merchandise

But we haven’t said much about the BKS Loyalty NFTs…until now.

Every great NFT has a great design, and the BKS Loyalty NFTs look amazing. Here’s a sneak peek:

This is the Backstage Loyalty NFT.

Pretty sweet, right?

While we can’t disclose all the benefits of these Loyalty NFTs, we can tell you 3 benefits:

  1. Lifetime free access for events hosted by Backstage
  2. Guaranteed early access for all exclusive Backstage events
  3. Guaranteed early access to tickets for all concerts on the Backstage platform
  4. It’s a secret for now!
  5. Sorry, we can’t tell you yet.
  6. Shhh! We’ll let you know next time.

Those are some solid perks, right?

We anticipate the market price of these Loyalty NFTs will fall between $250 and $100K USD. They have a lot to offer, and you can enjoy their benefits for a lifetime.

Also, as you can see, there are more Loyalty NFT benefits to reveal. In an upcoming article, you just may learn more, as well as see what’s underneath the red covering in the NFT.

*Specific restrictions for the BKS NFTs apply. Company reserves the right to set blackout dates and restrict the use of NFT benefits during certain dates and events.

What’s hiding under there? It’s the BKS Loyalty NFT.

XMANNA Digital Membership Seats: An Exclusive Look

XMANNA, a blockchain software provider that builds sports loyalty applications, recently partnered with Backstage to create metaverse events and venues around the globe, including at Ahau Collection Hotels (our partner and host of this contest).

In our first post, we covered how XMANNA will offer the following prizes in the March Metaverse Madness contest:

  • Digital membership seats
  • Residential land plots
  • XMAN tokens as prizes
  • Whitelist spots to buy digital membership seats and virtual land plots

As the article states, this digital membership is an NFT that grants the holder permanent access to all premium content and partner sports teams’ digital stadiums and premium live virtual concerts. It also includes participation in all gamification activities, drop events and more!

But what exactly does it look like and do in the metaverse?

Well, XMANNA Digital Memberships aren’t ordinary membership seats or season-ticket holder seats. These are metaverse seats, and they aren’t stuck to one spot like physical seats are.

Below is an image of the XMANNA Epic Seat.

This is the XMANNA metaverse seat.

XMANNA Digital Membership Seats are fully portable, with the ability to fly to different sports and entertainment events (video here).

Welcome to the metaverse and the new age of sports loyalty.

The XMANNA Digital Membership Seat folds up and becomes a flying machine. You can then go anywhere in the Mannaverse, from Inter Miami CF matches to Backstage live concerts.

You can even take a seat in the XMANNA Skybox for the best seat in the house (video here).

Stay above the action in the XMANNA Skybox.

There Are More Reveals to Come!

As you know, there are more prizes to talk more about and more benefits to reveal. Stay tuned to our social media and Medium.

In the coming days, we’ll reveal more about Ahau Collection NFTs and hotel stays, XMANNA land plots, and Backstage Loyalty NFTs. These prizes will knock your socks off!

In the meantime, make sure to participate in the March Metaverse Madness contest and do all the tasks. The link is here: https://app.fyre.hypersign.id/form/march-metaverse-madness