March Metaverse Madness! Win Crypto, NFTs, Metaverse Land & Vacation Stays

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5 min readMar 15, 2022

It’s March Metaverse Madness time!

And we have $200K+ USD worth of prizes for you to win.

This year, Backstage, XMANNA, Ground Zero and Ahau Collection are launching the most epic crypto contest ever. The rewards will knock you out of your shoes.

This March Metaverse Madness Contest has a combined $200K+ worth of rewards in metaverse land, NFTs, crypto and vacation stays.

Our March Metaverse Madness contest is to celebrate the partnerships between Backstage, XMANNA, Ahau and Ground Zero. We also hope to generate excitement for Backstage and XMANNA’s upcoming IDOs and Ahau’s journey into NFTs and the metaverse.

Now, let’s get to the important stuff: the prizes!

Contest link:

March Metaverse Madness Prize Pool

Get ready for rewards galore!

Each company hosting the contest is offering their own set of prizes. They’re quite generous.

Here are the details:

  • Types of Prizes: Crypto (BKS & XMAN tokens), Free Hotel Stays, Special NFTs with Exclusive Event Privileges, Virtual Real Estate
  • Total Prize Pool: $200,000+ USD in total value

Ahau Collection Prizes: Vacation Stays & Special NFTs

3 Prizes for 2 people include the following:

  • Stay in a master suite room for 4 days / 3 nights
  • Roundtrip transportation: airport — hotel — airport
  • Daily breakfasts for 2 people
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Come to the Light Commemorative NFT

Ahau will also offer NFT prizes. These are 50 NFT packages for 2 people that include the following:

  • Stay in a master suite room for 5 days / 4 nights
  • VIP roundtrip transportation: airport — hotel — airport
  • Daily breakfasts for 2 people on the private terrace of your room
  • Private Temazcal ceremony for 2
  • Private dinner for 2 people by the Come to the Light sculpture
  • Private Body Painting Immersion Experience for 2
  • Private Mayan Mud Bath Experience for 2 (Mayan Clay)
  • Daily yoga classes
  • 1 Bottle of Mezcal 11:11: Commemorative of Come to the Light
  • Come to the Light Commemorative NFT

Ahau does have some competition rules. The participant must verify that he has:

  • Followed the Ahau Collection accounts and the 6 Ahau properties (Villa Pescadores, Ahau Tulum, Kanan Tulum, Ganesh Tulum, Aldea Canzul and Alaya Tulum) on Instagram
  • Follow Ahau Collection’s Twitter account
  • The winners will be published on our Instagram and Twitter accounts and will be contacted directly to send them a certificate with the prize and what it includes.

*Terms and Conditions:

Room are subject to availability at the time of booking.

Reservations must be made in order to confirm your stay.

Black Out Dates: December 23, 2022 — January 10, 2023 / April 2 to 10, 2023

Package for 2 people in a master suite room. It cannot be exchanged for cash and has no value if exchanged.

Backstage Prizes

The top list winners get more BKS tokens. Backstage will also hand out Loyalty NFTs, which have some amazing benefits we’ll disclose soon.

Prize Pool

  • 250,000 BKS ($5k USD worth spread across 1000 winners = 250 BKS per winner)
  • 5 BKS Loyalty NFTs (5 winners)

*Specific restrictions for the NFTs apply. Company reserves the right to set blackout dates and restrict the use of NFT benefits during certain dates and events.


Top list winners get a bit more tokens, along with the chance to win MannaVerse land and digital memberships!

1. 1 Digital Membership Seat + 25 Whitelist Spots to Buy Digital Memberships

1 winner will receive a Digital Membership to XMANNA’s MannaVerse. We’ll have details on the value of these digital memberships in the coming days.

This digital membership is an NFT that grants the holder permanent access to all premium content and partner sports teams’ digital stadiums and premium live virtual concerts. It also includes participation in all gamification activities, drop events and more!

XMANNA also will give away 25 whitelist spots for the XMANNA digital membership sale. Whitelist winners can buy seats and a digital membership for a professional tier 1 sports club in the USA. We’ll have details on what that seat can do soon!

2. 1 Residential Land Plot + 8 Whitelist Spots to Buy MannaVerse Land

1 winner will receive a residential land plot in the MannaVerse. We’ll have details on the value of this land in the coming days.

XMANNA also will give away 8 guaranteed whitelist spots for the XMANNA residential plot land sale within the MannaVerse. These 8 whitelisted winners can purchase a Residential Land Plot inside the Sports MannaVerse. This land plot will be buildable for the land owners if they choose to purchase and also gives them access to drop events and live virtual streamed events.

3. XMAN Tokens

$5000 USD worth of XMANNA Tokens (41,666.66) amount spread across 1000 winners. That equals 41.6 XMAN per participant.

Ground Zero Prizes

  • 400 whitelist spots for the Backstage IDO on Ground Zero Launchpad

Backstage will host their IDO on the Ground Zero launchpad. Ground Zero is offering whitelist spots for this exclusive IDO. The plan is to give away 400 whitelist spots for the IDO. More details will follow!

March Metaverse Madness Contest Tasks

Contest link:

The more tasks you do, the more points you’ll earn. Complete as many tasks as you can.

  1. Register on Backstage Website — Type ‘BKS to the Moon’ in the Note Field when registering
  2. Follow Ahau Collection Twitter account
  3. Follow Backstage Twitter account
  4. Follow Ground Zero Twitter account
  5. Follow XMANNA Twitter account
  6. Retweet Ahau contest
  7. Quote + retweet contest tweet; tag three friends and use hashtags
  8. Join Backstage Telegram group
  9. Join Ground Zero — The Source Telegram group
  10. Join XMANNA Official Telegram group
  11. Join Backstage Announcement channel
  12. Join Ground Zero Announcement channel
  13. Join XMANNA Announcement channel
  14. Join XMANNA Discord server
  15. Visit Ground Zero website
  16. Follow XMANNA Official Instagram account
  17. Follow Backstage Instagram account
  18. Follow Alaya Tulum on Instagram
  19. Follow Aldea Canzul on Instagram
  20. Follow Casa Ganesh Tulum on Instagram
  21. Follow Kanan Tulum Eco Hotel on Instagram
  22. Follow AHAU Collection Tulum on Instagram
  23. Follow AHAU Villa Pescadores on Instagram

Why We’re Hosting March Metaverse Madness

XMANNA, a blockchain software provider that builds sports loyalty applications, recently partnered with Backstage, a blockchain ecosystem that’s bringing the crypto revolution to the events industry.

Backstage has also already established a cooperation with Ahau, a collection of boutique hotels and eco-friendly beach resorts in Tulum, Mexico.

Seeing the potential to unlock the power of these relationships, Ground Zero, a blockchain consulting company and project accelerator, has helped the group of companies launch this March Metaverse Madness contest.

More Details to Come!

We haven’t shared everything about this contest yet. We’ll slowly be releasing updates about rewards in the coming days.

In the meantime, join the contest. Because this just may be the best crypto contest ever.