Great News! We’re Extending the March Metaverse Madness Contest

BKSBackstage Official
3 min readApr 14, 2022
The best crypto contest ever has been extended.

If you’ve been following Backstage, you know they’re hosting the March Metaverse Contest. You can read details about the contest here:

Today, we have more great news. Thanks to the continued popularity of this contest, we’re extending the contest to April 25th.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to join and get their share of the prizes. As a reminder, the prize pool is $200K+ worth of rewards in metaverse land, NFTs, crypto and vacation stays.

So far, nearly 22,000 people have entered the contest — a testament to the quality of the Backstage and XMANNA projects, as well as the attractiveness of vacations to Tulum, Mexico.

A Sneak Peak at BKS Loyalty NFTs

At the end of last month, we unveiled some information about the BKS Loyalty NFTs. You can read that article here:

The BKS NFT looks amazing.

But we didn’t mention all the benefits*. Today, we’re going to unveil more of those benefits.

Here they are:

  1. Lifetime free access for events hosted by Backstage
  2. Guaranteed early access for all exclusive Backstage events
  3. Guaranteed early access to tickets for all concerts on the Backstage platform
  4. Guaranteed airdrops of artist-related NFTs and merchandise
  5. Guaranteed airdrops of Backstage merchandise
  6. We’ll tell you next time!

We’re leaving one secret for next time. But we think those guaranteed airdrops are enough motivation to participate in the contest! These NFT benefits are incredible, and we expect the free market price for these NFTs could get quite high. Winning one now could be a huge financial gain for you!

*Specific restrictions apply. Company reserves the right to set blackout dates and restrict the use of NFT benefits during certain dates and events.

A Sneak Peak at Ahau’s Come to Light Commemorative NFT

In our March Metaverse Madness announcement article, you found out that Ahau would give away NFT packages as prizes. These packages include the following:

  • Stay in a master suite room for 5 days / 4 nights
  • VIP roundtrip transportation: airport — hotel — airport
  • Daily breakfasts for 2 people on the private terrace of your room
  • Private Temazcal ceremony for 2
  • Private dinner for 2 people by the Come to the Light sculpture
  • Private Body Painting Immersion Experience for 2
  • Private Mayan Mud Bath Experience for 2 (Mayan Clay)
  • Daily yoga classes
  • 1 Bottle of Mezcal 11:11: Commemorative of Come to the Light
  • Come to the Light Commemorative NFT

Now, we’re going to reveal what the Come to the Light NFT will look like below. The NFT pays homage to the Come to the Light sculpture in Tulum, one of the most Instagrammed sculptures in the world. The sculpture is located by Ahau Hotel, and it looks amazing.

It’s stunningly beautiful, right?

Be sure to enter the contest. Not only could you win a vacation to Tulum, but you could also win this amazing NFT. Imagine having that in your crypto wallet.

Join the March Metaverse Madness Contest Today!

We’ve extended the contest so all our community members have time to join. But don’t wait any longer. These prizes are just too good to pass up.

Contest link: