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4 min readJan 28, 2022

Backstage is committed to changing the events and entertainment industry landscape by developing new solutions to old problems. With the use of blockchain technology, our team is building the next-generation social and financial infrastructure that will take the industry one step further into the digital era.

Backstage has built the key elements, enabling all participants to be a part of a community-driven ecosystem that qualifies the industry to empower itself and become totally independent from the traditional financial avenues.

The Backstage $BKS platform — THE STAGE — is built on top of three important components:

In this article, we will be revealing more about one of the key elements of the Backstage platform: the BKS Marketplace.

What is the BKS Marketplace?

The BKS Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for everyone in the industry.

  • Business deals can be made by anyone holding $BKS tokens. For instance, a musician could connect with a venue and sign a deal to host a concert.
  • Transactions, such as invoice payments, can be processed. Simply put, it will be the financial square where businesses can be done using the ecosystem $BKS token currency.
  • Tickets and NFTs will be listed on the BKS Marketplace. For example, a music festival could drop specialty NFT tickets at the Marketplace a few months before the event.
  • Advertising deals are made between brands and influencers, venues, agencies and others.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With all the players in the industry in one place conducting business, the potential is limitless.

The Backstage Marketplace is designed to be flexible and evolve with the industry, ensuring new innovations from the community can be implemented seamlessly.

Anyone can use the BKS Marketplace

There are no barriers to entry for the BKS Marketplace. While BKS token holders get access to all the privileges and discounts of the Marketplace, we’re making it easy to join our ecosystem with fiat. Users will be able to quickly buy BKS tokens on the platform with fiat, and venues will even be able to accept fiat directly in the Marketplace if desired.

For instance, if a club in Ibiza wants to sell table bookings to Backstage community members, they can choose to accept both Euros and BKS tokens. This ensures ultimate convenience and efficiency for the venue and customer.

We’re making it easy because we want everyone in the industry to participate and benefit from the platform. The Marketplace is about ensuring everyone prospers — not just deep-pocketed investors and major entertainment companies.

Moreover, as more fans, venues, artists and agencies use the Marketplace, brands should begin to see the potential of advertising on the platform. To showcase their company, they’ll need BKS tokens to place ads or arrange advertising deals with venues or artists.

What can users do at the $BKS Marketplace?

The BKS Marketplace will be open for anyone to use and explore, from community members and VC investors to artists, producers and event organizers. Everyone is invited to enjoy the BKS Marketplace.

So what can people do at the BKS Marketplace?

  • Community Members will be able to buy and sell tickets, invest in NFTs and purchase merchandise with BKS.
  • BKS NFT Holders will be able to get ticket discounts and with special privileges.
  • Artists will be able to sell event tickets, merchandise and exclusive NFTs.
  • Agencies will be able to bulk-buy tickets, promote events and much more.
  • Venues will be able to list NFT tickets, sell table bookings and extend their customer reach.
  • Advertisers will be able to buy ad space in the marketplace.
  • Investors will be able to research events and identify investment opportunities.

At the BKS marketplace, you will find the ecosystem business environment where venues can sell NFT tickets, musicians can sell merchandise and fans can buy tickets and access privileges — all the while investors can scout for opportunities.

Without the BKS Marketplace, there is no financial square for users and token holders to deal with their tokens and no place to get those exclusive NFT tickets.

The Marketplace will serve as the digital “mall” for the entertainment industry and operate as a key element for Backstage ecosystem strength and prosperity.

When will the BKS Marketplace go live?

Our team is continuously developing and preparing the platform and its key elements for the big launch. Everything is underway for the rollout of some key features, and the Marketplace should be live by the end of Q1 or in Q2 2022.

Also, note that our public IDO and crowdsale is set for Q1. Before and after the sale, we’ll have lots of exciting updates on platform developments.

Stay tuned — Backstage’s engines are only now starting and pretty soon we will have news!

About Backstage

Backstage is powering the crypto revolution in the events industry. Through the BKS token and our blockchain ecosystem, Backstage aims to solve the current challenges facing the events and entertainment sectors. From financing and payments to NFT ticketing and marketplaces, Backstage $BKS will take the events industry toward a more sustainable, profitable and fair future. Backstage has a very strong and open community and everyone can

join and contribute to the platform’s development by purchasing tokens and helping fund the entertainment industry.

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