BKS NFT Marketplace: How it Benefits Venues & Artists

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5 min readAug 22, 2022

For far too long, greedy intermediaries and corporations have kept venues and artists in the events industry from getting their fair share of the pie. From ticket providers with high fees to record labels taking too high of a percentage, value has not been distributed properly.

It’s time to give power back to all those who create in this industry: the venues, the artists, the fans and others.

The Backstage NFT Marketplace, as a one-stop-shop for everyone in the industry, is here to empower venues, artists and others, offering them a direct way of doing business. Whether it’s NFT ticket sales, merchandise sales, NFT drops, or advertising deals, the Backstage Marketplace brings all parties together in one place, enabling seamless and trustless transactions.

In this article, we’ll diver further into what the BKS Marketplace is and the many ways it benefits venues and artists.

The BKS NFT Marketplace Is Like a Digital Mall

While eBay is centralized, the platform enables any person or business to buy and sell goods with other businesses and people. In the BKS Marketplace, like in a true marketplace, business deals can be made by anyone (like a P2P or B2C e-commerce site).

On the BKS NFT Marketplace, venues can list NFT tickets for all their events. These NFT tickets can go beyond just access to the event to include perks such as VIP seating, complimentary drinks, souvenirs and more. Such capabilities not only can boost revenue for venues and artists, but also ensure a better fan experience.

Moreover, the possibilities on the BKS Marketplace are truly endless, and aren’t even limited to the physical world.

For instance, a musician could sign a deal to host a concert from the safety and comfort of his own home. This could present a great opportunity for aging stars. Thanks to the BKS Metaverse, artists can host both hybrid and fully virtual events.

Furthermore, transactions, such as invoice payments and ticket distribution, can be processed with utmost efficiency. Advertising deals can be easily made between brands and influencers, venues, agencies and others. Thanks to trustless blockchain technology and smart contracts, the BKS NFT Marketplace naturally ensures all parties adhere to deal terms. This is especially important for venues who hire vendors, as well as artists who make deals with sponsors.

Simply put, the BKS Marketplace will be the financial square where all the business of the events industry can be handled.

  • Note: While using $BKS tokens holds certain advantages in our Marketplace, you can transact using other payment methods, including credit card and PayPal.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. With all the players in the industry in one place conducting business, the sky isn’t even the limit.

The BKS NFT Marketplace Brings Everyone Together

For the longest time, the events industry has been disconnected. For instance, venues have had to go to one place to sell tickets and another to find advertisers.

This disconnection has made it tricky for venues and artists to put together events efficiently. This has created a need for a one-stop shop.

While one may think of centralized platforms as an answer here, the fact is we know such a company would take too much control of industry finances and the type of events being held. What’s needed is a decentralized platform that brings everyone together.

Leveraging the power of blockchain technology and NFTs, the BKS Marketplace is precisely this place.

On the BKS NFT Marketplace, venues and artists can do all that they need to do for an event:

  • Artists can create and sell exclusive NFTs with special benefits such as meet-and-greets.
  • Venues can hire vendors, find advertisers and handle event approvals.
  • Musicians can create and host private virtual events.
  • Sports teams can offer Platinum NFTs for the biggest fans.
  • Art festivals can create all-inclusive NFT tickets that include wine tastings, access to art auctions and other perks.

The opportunities for the BKS NFT Marketplace are tremendous. After all, despite its internal disconnectedness, the events market generates about $1.135 trillion of economic activity each year, with that number expected to reach $1.457 trillion by 2028 (CAGR of 23.1%).

Also, the ticketing market is worth around $60 billion. Backstage can help out plenty of venues of artists by even gaining a fraction of that market share. Add that in with Backstage’s integration of NFTs into events, and the upside is incredible for the BKS NFT Marketplace.

Say Goodbye to the Greedy Intermediaries

An intermediary is supposed to connect different parties and make it possible for those two parties to conduct their business without obstacles. However, as it turns out, most of the time intermediaries use this opportunity to make new obstacles and collect tolls on those who wish to make their vision a reality.

But our marketplace is a blockchain-based platform, and the system itself only runs if all the parties involved behave ethically, there’s no need to put trust into a third party that can turn your need against you and collect fees by feeding upon your misery.

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The days of greedy intermediaries are gone.

No More Barriers to Entry

Almost every industry suffers from barriers to entry. Barriers to entry include things that exclude or make it difficult for newcomers to establish themselves in a market. Those could be of a legal nature (rules and regulations, red tape, legal fees, etc.). Or, it could be that the established players formed a sort of cartel and have blocked others from entering.

As a permissionless technology, the blockchain breaks down barriers to entry. On the BKS NFT Marketplace, anyone with a vision to host an event can do so. And if money is the thing stopping them, our Marketplace enables artists and venues to network and find funding for an event.

On the BKS NFT Marketplace, all barriers to entry have been torn down.

Limitless Possibilities of the BKS NFT Marketplace

The BKS NFT Marketplace places no limits on human creativity. Artists, venues, fans and others are free to use the platform in the way they see

Here are some examples of what people could do:

  • Buy and sell tickets
  • Buy and sell NFTs (even exclusive ones)
  • Buy and sell merchandise with BKS
  • Pay vendors and suppliers
  • Hire talent
  • Promote events
  • List NFT tickets
  • Buy or sell ad space
  • Sign real-world advertising contracts

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