Backstage Partners with Zingara to Bring Crypto to Fashion Events

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3 min readFeb 17, 2022

(Mexico; February 16, 2022): Backstage is excited to announce it is teaming up with Zingara, an online Mexican fashion store specializing in exclusive and original collections of high-quality beachwear.

Backstage is the first company in the event and entertainment sector to introduce an innovative blockchain-based platform that enables the industry to detach from the old traditional funding model and enter the digital revolution. Backstage has introduced tools for the industry to empower itself and enjoy economic freedom.

The collaboration will be very helpful to help spread awareness about Backstage in the fashion world while it will allow Zingara to harness the immense and incredible potential of blockchain technology.

Zingara’s beachwear is incredibly popular throughout Mexico and the world.

By partnering up with Zingara, Backstage will take the fastest route into the fashion industry. The company plans to prove that it can be the best alternative to power events within the fashion industry, providing everything from a funding platform to NFT ticketing.

With this partnership, Zingara will now be able to introduce its clients to the Backstage platform and its innovative blockchain-powered features. For instance, fashion influencers can utilize NFT technology to sell digital goods, while Zingara and partner venues can sell NFT tickets and accept crypto with Backstage’s technology.

As for Backstage, the company will now be able to enter fully into the fashion industry. They can offer venues a way to obtain funding and find investors. The STAGE platform can help fashion icons connect more intimately with fans through exclusive merchandise and experiences.

Zingara offers franchising opportunities to fashion entrepreneurs around the world.

The partnership will also serve to attract new blood for both companies. While Zingara found the perfect partner and full access to incredible new features made available by the Backstage ecosystem, Backstage has found a new ground to spread the word about Backstage.

This partnership should receive lots of attention, especially when you consider the size of the fashion industry. According to Statista, in 2018, the global swimwear market was valued at $18.85 billion USD. This market value is projected to reach a value of $29.1 billion USD by 2025. The fashion industry as a whole is already worth $1.5 trillion USD. These are huge figures, so Backstage believes that making its presence known in this industry will yield great results for the company.

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About Zingara

Zingara is an online fashion outlet that specializes in exclusive and original collections of high-quality swimwear. Our top designers, have several years of experience and have mastered how to pick up and use the best materials and most exquisite fabrics and create unique and fashionable swimwear that will make you fall in love at the first glance. Check out our unique collections, we are sure you will be amazed!

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