Backstage Partners with Society Icon in a Key Move for Global Expansion

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4 min readJan 14, 2022

The crypto and influencer industries have joined forces. And the world should take notice.

Backstage has partnered with Society Icon, a renowned all-in-one micro-influencer platform specializing in connecting influencers and other content creators with popular brands and campaigns.

The partnership will help push Backstage forward to public awareness and worldwide adoption. It will also bring the efficiencies and innovation of cryptocurrency, NFTs, the metaverse, and the BKS ecosystem to Society Icon and the influencer community.

A decentralized platform with proprietary wallet technology, Backstage is leading the crypto revolution in the event and entertainment industry. Through the partnership with Society Icon, a company that specializes in joining content creators and influencers together with popular brands, Backstage and Society Icon will work together on marketing and social media campaigns, co-host events like music festivals, and co-create content and products like NFTs.

The partnership should enable Backstage to greatly increase its audience across various countries. Society Icon has worked with major brands like Live Nation, Universal Music ,Dior, L’Oreal, IKEA, Carlsberg, Hugo Boss, Volvo, Burger King and H&M. Their expertise in influencer marketing should unlock lots of opportunities for Backstage to grow the brand and integrate the BKS Crypto Wallet for Businesses at venues, events, and companies across the globe.

Through the cooperation, Society Icon now can tap into the wealth and innovation of the crypto space. Backstage’s crypto and event expertise will help Society Icon and its influences discover new business opportunities.

Simply put, this partnership is a win-win for Backstage and Society Icon.

Society Icon is a powerful platform that enables people to become icons and work with the brands they love (source).

Both companies can expect to expand their reach and revenue, and influencers and creators will have more innovative ways to connect with brands and fans, create products and services, build their business, and earn money.

By signing this partnership, Backstage is more than happy to welcome popular Icons onto the BKS Marketplace, where they will be able to create custom NFT collections, sell merchandise, organize events and much more. The partnership is also one more good move for Backstage as it can potentially introduce Backstage to tens of millions of fans worldwide.

For Society Icon, the partnership will give the chance for their influencers to access a new and exciting avenue for boosting fan engagement and driving sales — while benefiting from the efficiencies of the BKS blockchain and creating the grounds to build a brand community around Society Icon.

A new creative economy culture is on the rise. Society icon wants to help brands of any sort to connect and grow together with this culture of content creating superstars. The company mission is to build loyalty and relationships between consumers, fans and brands by building a brand community where consumers and fans can become part of a product they love. For this to take place, Society Icon believes it needs great tech. That is where Backstage comes in. Backstage enables Society Icon to access a platform that solves the majority of the company’s challenges and adds efficiencies, while also allowing for a new place to join community and brands together.

Through Backstage, Society Icon will have access to the Backstage Ecosystem where they can take advantage of the Marketplace to sell goods and services, an NFT platform, the BKS token, a fundraising Launchpad and much more.

“This is a strategic collaboration to integrate the new creative culture to the world of blockchain technologies and its economy. The opportunities are tremendous,” states Stefano Mazzetti, COO of Backstage.

Both companies are still very young but already have a lot of plans for the future. This partnership has set the foundation for the long-term success of both companies.

Stay tuned — because Backstage and Society Icon will do great things together.

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Backstage is powering the crypto revolution in the events industry. Through the BKS token and our blockchain ecosystem, Backstage aims to solve the current challenges facing the events and entertainment sectors. From financing and payments to NFT ticketing and marketplaces, Backstage will take the events industry toward a more sustainable, profitable and fair future.

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About Society Icon

Since our start in 2018, Society Icon has opened offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, UK, and in 2022, the US — with clients such as H&M, Klarna, Hemtex, Spotify, ICA Group, Universal Music, artists, creators, music festivals, and more — we aim to re-define what media and marketing are about — based on genuine, mutual interests and value for everyone involved. We will create a new way to interact with this culture, our mission is to help icons to become what they are destined to be, together with the brands they love.

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