Backstage Partners with NFTb, Will Have IDO on NFTb Launchpad

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4 min readJun 8, 2022

We’re getting closer to Backstage going public!

To ensure the best possible launch, we’ve been busy making partnerships with launchpads, incubators, VC funds and other companies. Our most recent partnership is with NFTb, a complete multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for communities.

Since NFTs are a big part of the Backstage ecosystem, both for ticketing and souvenir sales, we’re particularly excited about the potential of this partnership. We’ll first host an IDO on NFTb, but we do have plans to sell Backstage NFTs on their NFT marketplace.

The Backstage IDO on NFTb: All You Need to Know

To generate hype for our IDO on NFTb, we’ll start by promoting our project with their community.

  • NFTb will host a Gleam Campaign from the 15th — 17th of June. The winners will be announced on the 20th of June.
  • On the 20th of June, 2022, we’ll host an AMA with their community at 3pm UTC. The AMA will be held here:

During the AMA, we hope to answer any and all questions the NFTb community has about the Backstage project. We plan to showcase our incredible array of blockchain-powered solutions, as well as highlight the use cases of BKS tokens.

  • Our IDO will take place on the 21st of June, 2022. We expect our allocation of tokens for this public sale to go fast, so be sure to get in as early as possible if you’d like to participate. Stay tuned to our public channels for the announcement of the start of the IDO on NFTb

The IDO has certain requirements for you to participate. The sale will have two phases: a private pool 1-hour round and a public pool 1-hour round.

1) Private Pool (1 hour round from 12:00–13:00 UTC):

- stake 100,000 NFTB — Platinum Membership — 5.5x Allo (Guaranteed)

- stake 50,000 NFTB — Gold Membership — 4x Allocation (FCFS)

- stake 37,500 NFTB — Silver Membership — 1.75x Allocation (FCFS)

- stake 20,000 NFTB — Bronze Membership — 1x Allocation (FCFS)

The Private Pool round is exclusively available to Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Members who can purchase the tokens 1-hour earlier than Community Supporters in the Public Pool.

2) Public Pool (1 hour round from 13:00–14:00 UTC):

- stake 1 NFTB — Community Supporter — Allocation varies

Community Supporters will have 1-hour to purchase the tokens if any are left after the Private Pool closes.

All allocations will be released 1 hour prior to the launch.

*Here is the guide on how to stake.

If you haven’t yet staked NFTB tokens with NFTb, do so ahead of the Backstage IDO if you’d like to participate. To do that, follow this process:

  1. Buy NFTB tokens on PancakeSwap, or Kucoin
  2. Stake your NFTB tokens on the NFTb platform:
  3. Join the Private or Public Pool during the Backstage IDO!

Backstage Will Sell NFTs on the NFTb Platform

Backed by major investors such as Polygon Studios, Binance Accelerator Program and Rarestone Capital, NFTb is a leading marketplace for NFTs and digital goods. At Backstage, we’ve partnered with hundreds of venues and artists, with exclusive rights to sell their NFTs.

Therefore, our partnership with NFTb is a perfect match. In addition to helping our partner artists and venues sell their digital goods on the Backstage Marketplace, they’ll be able to list their products on the NFTb marketplace as well. This ensures maximum exposure and reach!

After all, NFTb has quite a large community, with 100K Twitter followers, 11K+ Instagram followers, and 10K+ members in their Telegram channel. Our collaboration with NFTb will help Backstage get introduced to hundreds of thousands of people, which should lead to new investors, BKS token users and community members.

More Great Things to Come

This is just the beginning of our partnership with NFTb. Going forward, we’ll explore more ways we can mutually benefit each other. So, stay tuned — because Backstage and NFTb are about to do great things together.

About NFTb

NFTb is the complete multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for communities. The NFTb mission is to help creators get comfortable and love using DeFi dApps. The platform not only features an NFT marketplace, but also staking to earn, a launchpad, a gaming NFT marketplace and more.

Backed by powerful investors such as Next Ventures, Meta Constant and Binance Accelerator Program, NFTb is the leading marketplace for NFTs and digital goods.

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Backstage is powering the crypto revolution in the events industry. Through the BKS token and our blockchain ecosystem, Backstage aims to solve the current challenges facing the events and entertainment sectors. From financing and payments to NFT ticketing and marketplaces, Backstage $BKS will take the events industry toward a more sustainable, profitable and fair future. Backstage has a very strong and open community and everyone can join and contribute to the platform’s development by purchasing tokens and helping fund the entertainment industry.

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