Backstage Partners with Giuseppe Stagnitta, Host of Emergence Festival, to Bring Crypto, NFT Tech & Metaverse to Art Events

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4 min readApr 19, 2022

(Sicily, Italy; 19th April 2022) Backstage is extremely pleased to announce we’re joining forces with Giuseppe Stagnitta, a renowned art psychologist and leading figure in the Neo-Pop Art culture movement. The partnership will help Backstage strengthen ties and cooperation with known artists in the world of pop culture, while enabling innovative solutions for art exhibits.

The collaboration will allow us to bring our NFT ticketing, crypto payments and metaverse tech to several events and exhibits, which should spread awareness about the potential of the Backstage ecosystem among art collectors, artists and fans.

Giuseppe Stagnitta is a great partner for Backstage and he’ll help us enter the art space and connect with lots of high-profile artists. Stagnitta is a well-known art psychologist specializing in art therapies. Stagnitta is also a leader of the new age of pop-cultural expression started in the 60s by Andy Warhol.

While pop culture tends to find itself in museums, Stagnitta is focusing the interest around the street and not so much on galleries, He aims to create a relationship without compromises between “artistic creation” and “enjoyment”.

This is what led Stagnitta to create the Emergence Festival in 2011. A Festival of Public Art, Emergence was created out of the idea of turning Sicily into an open-air museum capable of communicating with its street dwellers.

The Emergence Festival is where Stagnitta implements the notion of the street as a way to redevelop public spaces. It allowed him to introduce many of his most revered exhibits. In 2016, Stagnitta, along with Julie Kogler, put together Popism, an exhibition that traces 50 years of pop art history from Warhol to Banksy. The exhibit was shown within the program of the Taormina Arte Foundation at Palazzo Corvaja in Taormina and at the LOC Museum in Capo d’Orlando.

In 2017, Stagnitta, along with Giancarlo Carpi and Raffaella Bozzini, presented Abstracta — from Balla to Street Art, This exhibit documents the innovative path of Italian Abstractionism, from the Futurist precursors to the latest experiments in Street Art, by the most significant contemporary Italian artists.

Emergence attracts intellectuals, art professionals, academics, tourists and onlookers. This diverse audience presents Backstage with a wonderful opportunity to introduce our technology to thousands of potential users.

The partnership between Backstage and Giuseppe Stagnitta is key for the future of NFTs and art. Thanks to our collaboration, many artists will now have an easy chance to step into the crypto and NFT space, as well as be involved in metaverse exhibitions and the Web3 revolution.

Thanks to the partnership, Backstage will also have the chance to work with the most influential street artists of all time, such as Takashi Murakami, Yoshimoto Nara, Okuda, Ron English, Vhils and many more.

The partnership will allow Backstage to have the chance to participate in Stagnitta’s next exhibit: “Warhol Banksy, Confrontation between the two superstars of communication”. The exhibition documents the innovative and revolutionary path of two great artists who have changed the way of experiencing art over the last 50 years: Warhol and Banksy.

The partnership will also be a game-changer for the world of art because it will finally enable a way for art to merge with NFTs, cryptos and the metaverse. It opens up the possibility of metaverse exhibitions, NFT art collectibles, crypto payments for artwork, and much, much more.

By merging art and crypto together, Backstage has unlocked a new and incredible tool for artists. From metaverse exhibits to NFT sales, the potential is limitless for artists who use Backstage tech.

About Giuseppe Stagnitta

Giuseppe Stagnitta is an art psychologist who specializes in art therapies and presenting art in public spaces. He graduated with a degree in Clinical Psychophysiology from the La Sapienza University of Rome, and began hosting the Emergence Festival in 2011. In his analysis, Stagnitta focuses his attention on the creative process. He believes in art as pure expression, as well as an authentic form of communication. That’s why his exhibits are on the street, interacting with people — and not in the museum.

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