Backstage Monthly Recap — Review for November

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5 min readDec 2, 2021

November has been a big month for Backstage. We’ve hashed out numerous sponsorship deals and hit roadmap milestones.

There’s much to celebrate and lots more hard work ahead. We’re excited for all that’s to come, and we’re truly grateful for all the support from Backstage community members, industry entrepreneurs, artists, musicians and others. We’re proud to have the opportunity to build a world-class blockchain ecosystem for the events industry.

This month has had numerous key developments. Most notably, Backstage served as the official sponsor of the Danish Music Awards. Check out some footage below.

We had an amazing time showcasing Backstage at the DMAs. Check out our Twitter for videos from the event.

We’re now preparing to participate in the upcoming Art Basel event in Miami Beach. It should present a great chance to network, establish partnerships, and increase project awareness. We’ll recap that event on Twitter, Medium, and Telegram — so stay tuned for updates.

Continue reading to learn all about what Backstage has been up to this past month.

Backstage is made Official Sponsor of the Danish Music Awards

On November 20th, the world bore witness to the 2021 Danish Music Awards, and while it was still the premier showcase of Danish music talent that we’ve come to expect from it, something was different this year. Backstage was made the official sponsor of 2021’s DMAs, heralding a new era for event festivals and the blockchain.

Backstage’s partnership with the Danish Music Awards was a mutually beneficial arrangement that allowed us to reach a wider international audience. By spreading word about how Backstage can revolutionize the events industry through an event, it helps lend legitimacy to what Backstage is trying to accomplish.

More and more people in the industry are joining the Backstage revolution. See our Tweet about it here.

While there are many different areas in which crypto is now being advertised, it still has yet to have a significant impact on music festivals and award shows. Hopefully, Backstage’s presence at the DMAs will help change this, opening up an entirely new venue in which crypto may be advertised.

The 2021 DMAs featured a host of talented nominees as well as a range of exciting artists who performed live, including Ericka Jane, Artigeardit, L.O.C., Drew Sycamore, Andreas Odbjerg, and Tobias Rahim. On the international stage, Taylor Swift’s Folklore won International Album of the Year.

Roadmap Updates

With Q4 2021 nearly coming to an end, it’s a good time to take a look at Backstage’s roadmap and see how things have progressed. All Q3 milestones have been completed, though the development of MVP users for the Backstage wallet is still under testing, and word will be sent out when that testing has been completed.

In Q4, we’ve further refined our automated token sending process over the dashboard. The DMAs were also one of Q4’s goals, taking place as a proof of concept event for Backstage. The second version of the Backstage website will be released very soon, which is a key Q4 milestone for us.

The rest of the Q4 goals are currently in progress.

For example, the public IDO launch and crowdsale will begin soon, and we’ll provide further details about the IDO launch in advance. We’re working with our legal team to finalize our token and ensure we satisfy all legal requirements After the crowdsale, the token will be available to purchase over exchanges.

Next up will be a proof of concept for BKS Backstage events, giving observers a better idea of how the process will function. After that, we’ll test the MVP system. Q4’s milestones will be rounded out with the acquisition of artist and influencer contracts.

To see the full roadmap, click here.

Sponsorship Deals with Danish Clubs and Bars

Backstage’s presence as a sponsor extends beyond the DMAs alone, as it’s meant to be a token for events of all sorts, both large and small. While large events like the DMAs are certainly within Backstage’s scope, the coin’s creators understand that annual events like these are far rarer than the typical weekend events that take place all around the world.

For initial token adoption, we’re focusing on our home country of Denmark — which will serve as a sort of testing ground for the BKS token. In fact, the second phase of our marketing approach focuses on securing sponsorship deals with event venues in Denmark, including some of the country’s most popular clubs and bars.

Backstage is going to work closely with these venues to ensure that partygoers and event hosts know what the token has to offer them. By making it easier and more seamless to host events, we hope to carve out a niche for ourselves in both the Danish and worldwide party scene.

Participating in Miami’s Art Basel

Backstage is honored to be taking part in Miami’s Art Basel, and this year’s event is going to feature many participants that are involved in the blockchain or the metaverse. This marks one of the most significant unions between the world of art and the world of cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

Here’s a quote from Backstage’s CEO, Mauricio Silvestris:

“We are honored to announce that we have been invited to Art Basel in Miami along with the biggest companies in the NFT industry and the new pioneers of the Metaverse. This is a stepping stone for our development, and it presents opportunities for business relationships and sponsorships for our project.”

So who is the NFT juggernaut and pioneer mentioned in that quote? He’s talking about VIIRA, which is the world’s first interactive platform for 3D NFTs. It promises to blend the best aspects of Web 3.0 (the Metaverse) with people’s creativity, truly democratizing the creation of NFTs.

At Art Basel, Backstage will look to connect with giants like VIIRA to see how the platform can be used to revolutionize both events and large-scale performances. Imagine if every band had a cast of characters like the Gorillaz dancing along to their music at each show.

Backstage IDO on the way

Because of their decentralized nature and efficiency, IDOs (Initial DEX Offerings) have taken over ICOs as one of the best ways to launch new forms of cryptocurrency. After all, why launch a decentralized currency in a centralized manner?

Backstage’s IDO is coming soon — stay tuned for updates. Join all our communities so you can be among the first to know.

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