Backstage $BKS — A Commendable Crypto Asset in the Event Industry

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3 min readSep 16, 2021

According to Coinmarketcap, the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is $2.09 trillion. How colossal is this number? It makes us understand how the world has adopted cryptocurrency in recent years. It is true that the concept of decentralization has given a brand-new identity to the finance sector and other industries. Amidst a list of industries that boomed through the assistance of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the event industry is inevitable. Backstage is one of the organizations that acknowledged the mighty potential of decentralization and incorporated it in its business to reach great heights.

The next-gen event industry coin:

$BKS is the indigenous utility coin of the platform. It is meticulously designed to provide game-changing solutions to the prevailing stumbling blocks in the modern-day event industry. Be it a theatre, club, music concert, sports event, exhibition, conference, or seminar, $BKS can be used for diverse functions and activities. It provides a seamless and hassle-free experience in all gatherings worldwide.

Solid Vision and Mission:

As an eminent blockchain and crypto organization, it functions with the vision of realizing a trusted event ecosystem where the event industry can finance the innovation of its business and activities while the Event Community can safely get informed, invest or simply be part of it!

Being backed by the adept crew who have rich experience in the domain, their mission is to launch a fluent currency and a payment method to provide a novel source of financing for the event industry. And $BKS does that effectively.

Backstage $BKS — An Incredible Token:

Some of the prime reasons for describing Backstage $BKS as a remarkable token are as follows.

  • By utilizing $BKS as a payment mode at places, trading, and simply holding the tokens, the community of event-goers, admirers, and fans will straightaway engage in the innovation of the sector through the digital tools bestowed by the STAGE platform.
  • It does not end with just investing. Moreover, it provides an opportunity to be financed and pioneers itself in a much secure and sustainable manner.
  • This community-driven platform facilitates an effective, circular, and viable economy to streamline services related to concerts, clubs, festivals, corporate functions, sports events, or any other kind of mass gathering.
  • By adhering to Backstage and BKS technologies, the space in the sector inherits those values on trust-based technology. It ensures utmost transparency, privacy, automation, and disintermediation, thereby making the event industry and community stand front in the environments of trusted and safe businesses.
  • Backstage $BKS token is crucial in reducing the costs in the event industry. The various factors include difficult financing, lack of transparency, delays in authorizations, and permits.

The Bottom Line:

Thus $BKS is one of the dynamic projects in the sphere which leverages the concept of blockchain through its quality services. Also, the exciting news is that the ICO sale of the project is around the corner. Once the sale goes live, you can start purchasing the $BKS tokens to have a frictionless experience at any gatherings that happen all across the globe.

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