Witness the launch of BackstageBKS coin in the Event Industry very soon!

Blockchain technology is always in talks for good reasons. It has always been known to evolve the human lifestyle. In the past few years, a profound change in the business world has been witnessed. And, the same has been happening in the gigantic event industry.

What do you call an Event?

When a group of people gather together for a predetermined time and cause, it is known as an event. Events can be organized for a multiplicity of reasons, like to increase the traffic in business revenue, celebrations, entertainment, and much more. But some of the famous events that occur on a regular basis are conference & exhibition, corporate events & seminars, promotion & fundraising, music & art performance, sports, festival, trade shows, and product launch. Organizations are an important part of these events.

Preview of Event Industry;

In 2019, the industry size was estimated at $113.4 billion, and it is anticipated to touch $1552.9 billion business by 2028, total growth of 11.2% in a span of 8 years. It can be noticed that youngsters are highly attracted towards events such as music concerts, sports, exhibitions & conferences, seminars, and others. Thus, boosting the size of the industry. With frequent cases of music concerts and other events, promoters and brands are in line for collaborations — resulting in a win-win situation for all.

It has been witnessed in recent years how sports events have been commercialized, which turned out to be an advertising opportunity for event management companies. Massive brands like Redbull, Monster Energy, Nike, Coca Cola sponsor various small and big events around the world.

Introducing BackstageBKS;

BackstageBKS is a company that has developed its own cryptocoin known as BKS. It is designed to solve the significant problems that are faced by the event industry today. It can be used for multiple purposes including, payments at festivals, theatres, clubs, music concerts, sports events, exhibitions, conferences, and seminars around the world.

By combining tech and event production know-how, we have created an effective decentralized circular economy to simplify operations related to concerts, clubs, festivals, corporate functions, sports events, or any form of large gatherings. An NFT marketplace will welcome artists and content creators. Backstage (BKS) to become the alternative source of funding for the industry’s business away from traditional banking institutions.

We strongly believe in blockchain technology to streamline such processes. Providing a single source of truth, a shared public ledger, data handling, and data processing will be simplified and much more efficient. In the end, intermediaries will be cut out, and transactions will be processed peer-to-peer.

The music productions and videos streaming in current digital platforms are vastly underpaid. Most of the profits go to big tech. The blockchain will be able to fairly redistribute the income among artists and content creators. NFTs and future innovative technologies will play a big role for the artist to take back control of the value of their own creations.

The BackstageBKS is a futuristic go-to token for every stakeholder of the event industry because it aims to create a transparent ecosystem through BKS — a robust cryptocurrency built on the Binance Smart Chain, proffering a bundle of benefits to everyone.


BackstageBKS coin will be soon introduced to you all. Be a part of this sacred brand-new craze phase in the evolution of the event industry. Stay tuned for more information!




The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry

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BKSBackstage Official

BKSBackstage Official

The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry

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