Win a Banner from the Ha*Ash Concert! Join the Backstage Craze Giveaway

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4 min readMay 4, 2023


Imagine taking something from the Ha*Ash stage to your room. Well, this can become a reality during the Backstage Craze Giveaway.

As you know, Ha*Ash fans like yourself have jumped on the chance to get Ha*Ash VIP Meet-and-Greet Experience Tickets from the Backstage Marketplace. The VIP Experience provides the opportunity to meet the dynamic duo, Hanna and Ashley, during one of their concerts.

At Backstage, we are truly excited about the positive response our NFT tickets have received. For Ha*Ash fans, they’ve gained exclusive access to many benefits and an intimate experience with their favorite music group. Meanwhile, Ha*Ash has been able to engage with their most dedicated fans in new, amazing ways.

To celebrate the success of the Ha*Ash VIP Meet-and-Greet Experience, we’re hosting a new campaign: The Backstage Craze Giveaway.

What is the Backstage Craze Giveaway?

The Backstage Craze Giveaway is a giveaway with amazing prizes.

  • Everybody who buys the Entry Pass will get a signed selfie/social media badge generated by Backstage AI software!

A few lucky winners will get special prizes:

  • Pop-up Banner
  • Step & Repeat Banner
  • And more to be announced soon!

IMPORTANT! These banners are the ACTUAL banners used by Ha*Ash at the concert. That’s right — you’ll win a piece of Ha*Ash history.

By joining the Backstage Craze Giveaway, you can get your hands on the same Ha*Ash tour banners that made the fans go wild and add some concert vibes to your room! The unique prizes that we will be giving away are a pop-up banner and a step-and-repeat banner, both of which were used during Ha*Ash’s USA Tour’s Meet-and-Greet events. These prizes hold immense sentimental and historical value, making them rare and priceless pieces of Ha*Ash memorabilia. By offering these unique prizes, we hope to generate excitement around our giveaway and offer customers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a genuine part of Ha*Ash’s legacy.

Plus, there will be many more surprises revealed soon!

How to Join the Backstage Craze Giveaway

The campaign is open to all individuals who are fans of Ha*Ash and who have purchased an entry pass to the prize pool. The winners will be randomly selected.

Users who complete special tasks increase their chances to win main prizes. These tasks include:

1. Share a personalized selfie with the hashtag #BackstageCraze & tag 2 friends and Backstage account x40 points
2. Follow Backstage Instagram account x20 points
3. Follow Backstage Twitter account x20 points

After purchasing the raffle entry, you will receive an email with a Google Form to fill out.

Backstage Craze Giveaway Dates

Begin Date: 4th of May, 2023

End Date: 11th of June, 2023

Enter early to secure your spot, and get ready to bring the energy of the Mi Salida Contigo tour into your home with our unique memorabilia prizes.

Capture the Spirit of Ha*Ash in Your Room: Backstage Craze Giveaway Prizes

Everyone who buys the ticket raffle gets a signed selfie. The signed selfie is generated by Backstage AI. Here’s how you generate the selfie:

1. After purchase, you will be directed to the selfie generator on the BKS Marketplace.

2. If you forget to create the selfie, don’t worry — you’ll also receive an email with a link to access the selfie generator.

This signed selfie will function as your social media badge, showing that you’re among the few select fans who own a piece of Ha*Ash history.

There will be more big winners who get special prize: Banners from the Ha*Ash stage and other. Banners are not ordinary banners. They were actually used during the Ha*Ash USA Tour’s Meet-and-Greet events.

  • One winner gets the Pop-Up Banner
  • One winner gets the Step & Repeat Banner
  • More prizes will be announced soon

By winning one of these special banners, you’ll feel part of the Ha*Ash Tour and journey in 2023. The memories created during tours will forever be a part of your story.

Keep the Memories of the Ha*Ash Tour with You Forever!

The Backstage Craze Giveaway offers you the chance to secure unique digital and physical memorabilia that memorializes your Meet-and-Greet Experience with Ha*Ash. Join the Giveaway today — and have the spirit of the Mi Salida Contigo Tour with you for a lifetime.

Reminder: You can buy more than one raffle ticket. The more you buy, the better chance you have to win.

Enter the Backstage Craze Giveaway: