We Have Some Knockout Surprises! Watch Kelvin Gastelum & Backstage Live on Instagram to Find Out

Backstage, in collaboration with Kelvin Gastelum, is hosting the Backstage Fight Academy Experience (BFA), a training camp that gives you inside access to the world of mixed martial arts.

Today, we’re happy to bring you more exciting news: We’ll be talking about the Fight Academy with Kelvin Gastelum (KG) live on Instagram.

Not only will this be a good chance to see KG on video chat, but you’ll also get to ask questions about the BFA Experience directly to Backstage and KG. We’ll be happy to answer all you want to know about the BFA NFT ticket raffle, the training camp, and the logistics of the experience.

KG and Backstage will unveil more surprises about the BFA NFT Experience

The BFA Experience offers fans a more engaging experience with KG, while showing other athletes how to monetize their talent. NFT experiences have the potential to revolutionize the sports industry, and we’re excited to discuss all about it in our livestream.

If you saw our announcement, you know we haven’t released many details about the training camp experience. We plan to do that during our livestream. Tune in on Kelvin Gastelum’s Instagram — and you’ll be among the first to know what the Backstage Fight Academy Experience is all about.

Be a part of Kelvin Gastelum’s comeback to the UFC

Kelvin Gastelum has had to take some time away from the UFC, due to injury. On the 14th of January 2023, he’s set to return in a match versus Nasourdin Imavov.

KG is coming back to the UFC.

KG’s comeback to the UFC lines up perfectly with the BFA Experience. By joining the camp, you’ll get the chance to workout and train with KG as he’s preparing for his return to the UFC. You’ll get a firsthand look at all the hard work and dedication that goes into preparing for a fight. How amazing is that?

This raffle is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train directly with a UFC star. If you’re lucky enough, you can win the experience and spend only $29 USD!

Get to know Kelvin Gastelum (KG) on the livestream

Born in 1991 in San Jose, California, Kelvin Gastelum’s fighting career began in high school as a wrestler. Kelvin excelled at wrestling at North Idaho College, and then decided to pursue a career in mixed martial arts professionally.

After going on a five-fight win streak, Kelvin competed in Ultimate Fighter 17 and became the youngest to ever win the competition at 21 years old.

Kelvin entered the UFC in 2013, first competing in the Welterweight Division and then the Middleweight Division. To date, Kelvin has amassed 17 victories and currently is ranked 10th in his division.

In addition to being a highly successful UFC fighter, Kelvin is fascinated with the vast potential of blockchain technology and crypto. The natural synergy between Kelvin and Backstage makes the potential of this collaboration limitless.

During the livestream, you’ll be able to interact with KG like never before:

  • Ask him questions about UFC and MMA
  • Talk about how the BFA Experience can help you
  • Hear all about the perks and benefits of winning the raffle

Keep in mind that BFA Experience NFT Raffle Tickets are limited

A BFA Experience NFT is only $29 USD. This NFT is a raffle ticket. There will be 15 winners in the BFA Experience NFT Raffle.

All holders of the Backstage Fight Academy Experience NFT qualify for our first raffle:

  • 1 participant will win an exclusive training camp experience with Kelvin Gastelum. We’ll announce more details on the livestream. .
  • 14 participants will receive digital and physical prizes. We’ll announce more details on the livestream.

Note: The raffle ticket is the BFA Experience NFT. Purchase of a provides membership in the Backstage Fight Academy, even if you don’t win the raffle. Ownership of the NFT Raffle Ticket unlocks benefits and future experiences. So, even if you don’t win, the $29 USD you spent will get you some perks and community membership.

See you on the livestream!

This is truly a momentous time for Backstage. The livestream is a celebration of this milestone, as we launch one of our most exciting NFT experience collections yet. We hope to see you there!

Time: 10 pm GMT on November 25th

Location: https://www.instagram.com/kgastelum



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