Using BKS Token for Fun: Hotels, Vacations, Clubbing & More

What is the BKS Token?

What Can I Do With the BKS Token?

  • An all-inclusive vacation to Mexico, Turkey and beyond
  • Attend electronic music festivals around the world
  • Concert tickets for famous artists like Sting, Martin Garrix, and KISS
  • Art festival passes to see the works of Warhol, Banksy and other famous artists at art festivals across Europe, North America and beyond
  • Club table bookings for your weekend fun and private events
  • Metaverse events hosted in cooperation with our partner, XMANNA
  • Tickets and passes to sports events — from soccer and football to F1 racing and skiing
  • Entertainment packages for special experiences with our partners around the world

The BKS token enables payment transparency & eliminates the need for currency exchange

BKS Token Advantages

Reducing Scalping and Ticket Fraud

Events Are Easier to Manage

Things Are Simpler for Event Attendees


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BKSBackstage Official

BKSBackstage Official

The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry