The Wait Is Over! Our BFA NFT Experience Sale Starts NOW

The Backstage Fight Academy (BFA) Experience is about to begin. Are you ready to step into the octagon?

Backstage is hosting the Inaugural BFA NFT Experience with our partner Kelvin Gastelum (KG), a professional UFC Fighter in the Middleweight Division who’s amassed 17 victories during his impressive career. The BFA Experience is a revolution in the sports industry because:

  • It offers fans a more engaging experience with KG and shows how fans and athletes can connect in amazing ways.

Here’s a link to the Backstage Marketplace to buy the NFT:

Spots Are Limited! Buy an NFT Raffle Ticket Now to Secure Your Chance to Win. It’s Just $29 USD

Sales of BFA NFT Raffle Tickets have begun, with the price set at $29 USD. Buy an NFT early, as spots are limited and we’ll soon be sold out!

The BFA NFT Experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with Kelvin Gastelum. To join the BFA NFT Raffle, follow these steps:

  1. Head to
Click Buy now

4. Choose to pay with credit card or BUSD (crypto). For crypto payments, you can use a BKS Wallet, Metamask Wallet or Bitkeep Wallet.

You can buy an NFT with a credit card or crypto.

5. After confirming payment, await email confirmation. The email will list the name of the event, a QR code and a serial number of the ticket.

6. In the confirmation email, click the Claim Your NFT button if you’d like to store the NFT in your crypto wallet. You can also view the NFT on your Backstage Marketplace profile.

IMPORTANT! The BKS Marketplace is still in Beta. If you have any issues, contact Backstage Customer Support. We recommend using Chrome browser and a Gmail account for signing up and making an NFT purchase.

The BFA NFT Experience Raffle Has 15 Big Winners

The BFA NFT Experience Raffle has a total of 15 big winners. To be eligible to win one of those prizes, you must purchase a BFA NFT before the close of the sale (date to be announced later).

  • Note: Even if you don’t win the main raffle prize, he NFT still gives you Fight Academy Loyalty Membership, which comes with a variety of lifetime perks.

Winners of the raffle will be announced at a later date (to be announced).

  • 1 winner will be randomly picked for the training camp with Kelvin Gastelum.

Are you ready to win some knockout prizes?

The Backstage Fight Academy Experience (BFA) is an all-inclusive NFT experience that will show you the ropes of MMA fighting, as well as offer other exclusive perks. It’s truly a groundbreaking experience you don’t want to miss!

Here’s the full list of perks and benefits for the Main Raffle Winner:

  • 1x Experience Camp with Kelvin Gastelum

The other 14 Raffle Winners will receive all those perks and benefits:

  • 1x Pair of Gloves Signed by KG

Everyone who purchases a BFA NFT gains Backstage Fight Academy Loyalty Membership. This gives you eligibility for a variety of benefits over a lifetime. These perks and benefits won’t be distributed now, but rather over time. We’ll randomly pick and reward BFA Loyalty Members this year and in the coming years with perks such as:

  • Meet and greets with fighters (video calls, AMA sessions)

Gloves Up! The Backstage Fight Academy Is Ready for You

We’re excited to be hosting our Inaugural BFA NFT Experience with Kelvin Gastelum. Not only do we believe this will revolutionize the sports industry, benefiting both athletes and fans, but we’re also showing how NFTs can have real-world impact and uses.

Whether you’re a fan of fighting or NFTs, this is the perfect opportunity for you to experience something magical. Get your gloves on and get in the ring.




The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry

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