The Backstage Launchpad —Revolutionizing How Events Are Funded

Why We’re Building the BKS Launchpad

How the BKS Launchpad Works

  • Venues and event operators can pitch investors and the Backstage community — and even sign deals governed by smart contracts
  • Investors like angel investors and VC funds can identify promising projects at the early stages. They can also invest in venues and clubs that are looking to start and grow.
  • Musicians, artists and content creators can find funding for album production, creative projects and more, as well as issue NFTs for fans to buy.
  • Fans can stake BKS tokens in projects they like to assist with event liquidity and earn yield.
  • Agencies can assist clients with finding quality investments.
Here’s how the BKS Launchpad works.
The BKS Launchpad streamlines fundraising so that venues and operators can focus on what matters: Running a successful event.

When the BKS Launchpad Is Coming

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