See You in the Octagon! Backstage and UFC Fighter Kelvin Gastelum Bring a New Era of NFT Experiences to Sports

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a professional fighter?

Now you can experience it, thanks to a collaboration between Backstage and UFC Fighter Kelvin Gastelum.

The Backstage Fight Academy Experience is an all-inclusive NFT experience package that will show you the ropes of MMA fighting, as well as provide extra perks such as VIP dinners with professional fighters, a roundtrip flight to Phoenix, hotel stays, airport pickup and more.

In collaboration with Kelvin Gastelum, Backstage is showing how NFT technology can take sports into the future. This is an exciting time, and we can’t wait to see how this NFT experience revolutionizes sports.

The first round of the Backstage Fight Academy Experience will be in collaboration with our ambassador, Kelvin Gastelum

Kelvin began his UFC career in 2013, after becoming the youngest fighter ever to win Ultimate Fighter at the age of 21. After winning Ultimate Fighter 17, Gastelum first competed in the Welterweight Division and then in the Middleweight Division.

To date, Kelvin has amassed 17 victories, including 6 by knockout and 4 by submission. Gastelum’s 2019 brawl against Israel Adesanya for the Interim UFC Middleweight Championship was voted the MMA Fight of the Year, and is considered one of the sport’s most legendary fights.

As an Ambassador for Backstage in the UFC, Kelvin will promote the Backstage brand on his social media channels and also during his fights. This will surely bring greater awareness of Backstage and help Backstage gain even more recognition in the MMA world.

About the BFA Experience NFT and Fight Academy Loyalty Membership

The inaugural Backstage Fight Academy experience with Kelvin Gastelum will be a training camp experience in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. To join, participants need to first buy a Backstage Fight Academy Experience NFT(BFA Experience NFT).

This NFT is a membership for the BFA Experience and provides numerous benefits, including more perks coming in the future.

The cost of the BFA Experience NFT is $29 USD and includes amazing experiences. We will unveil benefits of this membership NFT very soon (within a few days)

All holders of the Backstage Fight Academy Experience NFT qualify for our first raffle:

  • 1 participant will win an exclusive training camp experience with Kelvin Gastelum. We’ll announce more details soon.
  • 14 participants will receive digital and physical prizes. We’ll announce more details soon.

Note: The raffle ticket is the BFA Experience NFT. Purchase of a BFA Experience NFT provides membership in the Backstage Fight Academy, even if you don’t win the raffle. Ownership of the NFT Raffle Ticket unlocks benefits and future experiences. So, even if you don’t win, the $29 USD you spent will get you some perks and community membership.

The Backstage Fight Academy Experience is a great opportunity for fans of Kelvin Gastelum and mixed martial arts to learn how to fight and compete from the best of the best. After all, you’ll get to train in person with Kelvin Gastelum, an elite competitor in the Middleweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

A new way for athletes and fighters to monetize their talent

Athletes, especially mixed martial arts fighters, must make a substantial investment of time and money to succeed. Success is not guaranteed in the octagon, and the cost of training, medical care, nutrition, gyms and more can add up. According to reports, athletes easily spend $10K+ on training, travel, medicals and taxes for a fight.

The Backstage Fight Academy Experience (BFA) introduces a new way for professional athletes to monetize their talent: By training their fans in person and giving them inside access to their careers and daily life.

Funds raised from the Backstage Fight Academy Experience will support Kelvin, and other fighters like him, in their career journeys. As a pioneer in NFT experiences in sports, Kelvin is showing other athletes how they can better engage with fans, expand their revenue streams and propel their career to the next level.

A more engaging experience for fans

Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, have given athletes and their fans a way to engage directly. NFT experiences like the Backstage Fight Academy Experience NFT take this engagement a step further, giving fans an intimate look at UFC fighting and athletes, as well as a deeper connection to the sport in general.

If you ever wondered how the best of the best train, the Fight Academy Experience NFT gives you inside access to see just how much hard work and dedication goes into MMA training. You can see what goes on backstage, behind the scenes.

During the Inaugural Backstage Fight Academy Experience, Kelvin will teach you the ways of the fighting universe. Everybody is welcome to participate in the academy, even if you’ve never trained before. Kelvin has worked with people of all skill levels, and the experience will not only make you a better fighter, but also help with your discipline and confidence.

A revolution in the sports industry

While the MMA industry has done a good job with Web2 technologies, the time has come to embrace Web3.

As a leading provider of Web3 technology in the entertainment industry, Backstage is taking our blockchain, NFT, crypto payments, metaverse and AR and VR technology to the sports world. The Fight Academy Experience, which leverages Backstage NFT ticketing technology, is a huge step into the future for the sports world, especially the MMA universe.

If you’re a fan of MMA and believer in Web3, this is a wonderful opportunity to participate in something revolutionary. You can say, “I was the first to do that!”

Spots are limited for our Inaugural Backstage Fight Academy Experience with Kelvin Gastelum. So, buy your Backstage Fight Academy Experience NFT raffle ticket sooner, rather than later.

Note: For the contest, 1 participant will win the Backstage Fight Academy Experience, while 14 winners will get exclusive prizes, such as signed items from Kelvin and more.

The raffle begins soon. Get your gloves ready — and stay tuned as we are coming with more details and more surprises. You won’t want to miss out!



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