NFT Ticketing: How They Benefit Venues & Artists

NFT Tickets Can Drive More Sales

  • What they are: Unique art-like NFT tickets that can be designed to drive merchandise and at-event sales. You can use the NFTs to sell experience packages like never before!
  • How they can be used: Leverage our BKS NFT tech, partners can sell exclusive NFTs for events that include not only entry, but also perks such as VIP backstage access, private table bookings, champagne bottles, exclusive music content, etc.
  • Ways they go beyond traditional ticketing: These tickets can become souvenirs over time. Since NFTs are on the blockchain, future sales of the souvenir can be tracked, and royalties can be paid back to the original venue, artist, etc.
  • Discounts on future NFTs
  • Voting rights in the future development of NFTs
  • Airdrops of physical merchandise, like shirts and albums
  • Access to events, including the chance to meet the artist

NFT Tickets Eliminate Counterfeiting & Price Gouging

NFT Tickets Can Become Collectibles

NFT Tickets Simplifies Royalties

NFT Tickets Are Experiences That Will Deliver Customer Loyalty

  • NFT Experience Package: Ahau Hotels, a partner of ours, uses Backstage NFT technology to offer vacation packages. This NFT-based package gives you one ticket that provides not only access to your hotel room, but also daily perks such as breakfast, yoga classes, beach rentals and more.
  • NFT Digital Seats: Along with our metaverse partner, XMANNA, we’re using NFTs to offer digital seats in their metaverse. Soon, fans can attend their team’s game in the metaverse using an NFT ticket to access their virtual seat.

Backstage Makes NFT Tickets as Simple as Apple Wallet Tickets

Putting Power Back in the Hands of Event Producers

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