Monthly Recap — A Big January for Backstage

3 Key Partnership Deals

Society Icon is a leading influencer platform.
Momentchp holds exclusive live event marketing campaigns for brands.

Exclusive Inner Circle Contest Winners Announcement

Backstage Unveils the Platform in Detail

  • The Backstage Marketplace — our financial square where businesses will be conducted using our utility token $BKS; it will help the events economy prosper
  • The Backstage Launchpad — our own Kickstarter version for the events and entertainment industry; it will revolutionize how events are funded
  • The Backstage Crypto POS Wallet — our token wallet service refined with advanced financial features such as stacking; it will help provide liquidity and financial efficiencies for the industry

2022: The First Quarter Ahead

  • Website version 2 release
  • BKS marketplace launch
  • NFT ticketing integration
  • Public IDO

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