Competitor Analysis: What Sets Backstage Apart

What Backstage brings to the table

  • Organizers can find funding for their event projects.
  • Artists and fans can connect in more intimate ways.
  • Investors can find promising events at the early stages.
  • Fans get unique benefits, such as access to exclusive NFTs.
  • It opens up new economic opportunities for all involved (musicians can list NFTs for sale, event operators can network with financiers, etc)·

Market Analysis & Main Competitors

  • Centaurify — A music NFT marketplace with NFT tickets and digital merchandise; main competitor on the blockchain space
  • Kickstarter — World’s most popular fundraising platform; biggest competitor in the crowdraising, fundraising industry
  • Audius — A blockchain-based streaming platform and decentralized community of artists, developers and listeners; competitor in the entertainment industry, especially with the social and community aspects
  • Live Nation Entertainment — A global entertainment company and events promoter; competitor in the ticketing space
  • Ticketmaster — World’s largest ticket marketplace; direct competitor in the ticketing industry

Market Analysis: Why Backstage Is Ahead of the Competition

Backstage is much better than other options, especially with the metaverse and NFTs.
The competition can’t compete with Backstage!

About Backstage



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