Book an Unforgettable VIP Experience with Ha*Ash: Meet & Greets, Photos, Autographed Memorabilia & More

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3 min readMar 27, 2023


Backstage has entered into an amazing collaboration with Ha*Ash, an American Latin pop duo from Louisiana, USA with tens of millions of fans and famous hits such as “No Te Quiero Nada”, “Te Dejo en Libertad”, and Estés Donde Estés”.

Ha*Ash is going on an epic tour this April and May 2023. For each concert, Backstage will be right there with Ha*Ash, providing unforgettable VIP experiences for their most enthusiastic fans.

In total, the sister duo, Hanna Nicole and Ashley Grace, will give 20 performances across America. Notable stops for Ha*Ash Tour include Miami, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York City, Phoenix, Austin, and San Francisco.

Backstage is currently offering VIP Experiences for all of Ha*Ash’s U.S. events. By buying an NFT ticket on the Backstage Marketplace, you have your passport to the experience of a lifetime.

What the Ha*Ash Mi Salida Contigo Tour VIP Experience by Backstage Includes

Everybody wants to meet their favorite star, and we’re giving you that chance with the Ha*Ash Tour VIP Experience.

Each NFT ticket includes the following benefits and items:

  • A Pre-Show VIP Meet & Greet with Hanna and Ashley
  • A Photo with Hanna and Ashley
  • Commemorative VIP Laminate
  • Gift Item Designed Exclusively for You
  • Limited Edition NFT Memorabilia
  • Autographed Tour Poster
  • Ha*Ash Sticker
  • Skip-the-Line Merchandise Shopping + 10% discount in the Next Location of the 2023 USA Tour

Purchase here:

When you attend the Ha*Ash concert in Seattle, San Antonio, Portland or elsewhere, the VIP Experience by Backstage truly takes you Backstage. You can meet Hanna and Ashley, take a photo, and get a whole bunch of unique swag. Plus, you can skip the lines and crowd when you shop for Ha*Ash merchandise at the event.

How great is all that?

Book your VIP Experience with a purchase on the BKS Marketplace:

* IMPORTANT! This VIP Experience is a ticket upgrade. This upgrade does not include a seat ticket. You MUST already have a seat ticket for the show in order to purchase a VIP Meet and Greet upgrade.

NFT Tickets Are Delivering Next-Level Concert Experiences

NFT tickets are a win-win for all involved, from Ha*Ash to the venue to the fans.

For Ha*Ash, the VIP Experience NFT by Backstage can offer:

  • A unique way to engage with fans
  • The ability to drive more sales
  • Better fan experiences
  • Greater fan loyalty

For fans, the VIP Experience NFT by Backstage can offer:

  • An unforgettable experience
  • The chance to own unique digital collectibles
  • The chance to own unique physical collectibles
  • Convenient access to merchandise shops and more

For venues, the VIP Experience NFT by Backstage can offer:

  • The ability to drive more sales
  • Better fan and artist experiences
  • Greater fan loyalty

Only 50 VIP Experiences per Concert! Get Your NFT Today

Cost: $199 usd + Taxes & Fees

As mentioned, there are VIP Experiences for 20 concerts. Each concert will have 50 VIP Experiences.

Don’t miss your chance to meet Ha*Ash! Get your NFT ticket now: {LINK}

Get the Ha*Ash Tour VIP Experience