Become a part of the event you love and get loads of benefits by Backstage $BKS

Being an event organizer, the first step towards organizing is to perceive the mindset of your target audience that can excite them. And the last step plan of action is the implementation of all the strategies in the event. It can be noticed that youngsters are highly attracted towards events such as music concerts, sports, exhibitions & conferences, seminars, and others. Thus, boosting the size of the industry. With frequent cases of music concerts and other events, promoters and brands are in line for collaborations- resulting in a win-win situation for all.

It has been witnessed in recent years how sports events have been commercialized, which turned out to be an advertising opportunity for event management companies. Big brands like Redbull, Monster Energy, Nike, Coca Cola sponsor various small and big events around the world.

But, what do you get in return for becoming a partner of the event you love? Here’s the answer-

Crypto Tokens are digital participation that regulates associative commercial investments. Through Our Crypto Token (BKS), a private individual can participate in the financial benefits of the events he/she is attending.


By using BKS, you will get ticket discounts, special offers in services at events, and much more.


BKS will create a circular economy among artists, music lovers, and event organizers.


BKS will be connected to several payment systems that make the experience of payments on the event super easy and secure.


Every time you buy and use the coin, it generates the necessary funds to create the events you love. No more unethical sponsors are needed.

It might be any work or operation, blockchain streamlines the entire working process. It offers a single source of truth, a shared public ledger, data handling, and data processing that will be simplifying the entire process and making the execution more efficient. In the end, intermediaries will be cut out, and transactions will be processed peer-to-peer.

Therefore, Backstage came up with the concept of implementing blockchain technology’s safety and robustness in the event industry. That can make the work of organizers and participants simple! Backstage also plans to organize its ICO sale, which will be launched soon.

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The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry

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BKSBackstage Official

BKSBackstage Official

The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry

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