Backstage’s 2nd Quarter Main Events — What’s Coming in Q2

  • An investor looking to make money off the next big event
  • A fan who wants backstage access to meet a famous artist
  • A venue operator looking for funds to host your festival or concert
  • A sports team hoping to begin hosting hybrid events (real world + metaverse)
  • An influencer in search of new events to promote

Q1 2022 in Review: Milestones & Achievements

What will the Backstage NFT look like?

Big Partnerships in Q1

  • Society Icon: An all-in-one micro-influencer platform specializing in connecting influencers and other content creators with popular brands and campaigns.
  • Momentchp: An interactive agency that specializes in creating relevant content for exclusive marketing campaigns.
  • Sun & Snow Festival: A festival event that joins music lovers and snow sports enthusiasts together in Spain’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. We’ll test our NFT ticketing technology at this event.
  • Caprice Fest: An annual music festival that takes place in Crans-Montana, Switzerland. We’ll serve as the NFT ticketing partner and crypto payments provider.
  • Ahau Collection: An exclusive collection of boutique hotels and eco-friendly beach resorts in Tulum, Mexico. We’ll help them with NFTs and accepting crypto payments, as well as enable them to host metaverse events in collaboration with our partner XMANNA.
  • Aspendos Born Again: An international creative talent agency program to revitalize the ancient Aspendos Amphitheatre. We’ll serve as their NFT ticketing partner.
  • GotBit: A premiere crypto consulting firm and incubator for blockchain startups.
  • Zingara: A fashion store specializing in exclusive and original collections of high-quality beachwear.
  • Entertix is the leading ticket provider for concerts, festivals, theater, and other events in Romania. We’ll serve as their NFT ticketing partner.
  • XMANNA is a multi-patented blockchain software provider building the future of engagement with a gaming service protocol, evolved sports loyalty applications, the metaverse, and true utility NFTs. We’ll work with XMANNA to host metaverse events and real-virtual world hybrid events.

Q2 2022: The Road Ahead

Metaverse Madness Contest

The March Metaverse Madness contest is here.

Get Ready for the Upcoming IDO!

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