Backstage Will Be at Tulum Crypto Fest, Will Serve as NFT Ticket Provider and Speaker

  • We’ll be showing the potential of our technology with our NFT tickets.
  • Backstage team members will have a booth at the festival. We plan to join in plenty of discussions as we spread the word about the Backstage project.
  • We’ll be giving a speech about bringing the crypto revolution to the events industry.
Immanuel Cape, the crypto guru, will be speaking about Backstage in Tulum.
  • Pablo Gonzalez, Founder of Bitso, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South America
  • Elisabetta Lampadecchia, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) — Forbes
  • Aaron Koenig, Founder & Director of /
  • Ryan Wilkinson Co-Founder of Block Asset and many more.

About Tulum Crypto Fest

About Backstage



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BKSBackstage Official

BKSBackstage Official

The Crypto Revolution in the Event Industry