Backstage Partners with Perfect Harmony Productions in India, Will Serve as NFT Ticket Provider for Events

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4 min readMar 3, 2023


Backstage has made a big move into one of the world’s largest live events markets: India.

Through a partnership with Perfect Harmony Productions, a leader in event management and experiential marketing services in India, Backstage will provide NFT tickets and experiences for events throughout the country.

The Perfect Harmony Products NFT collection is already live on the BKS Marketplace. You can view available NFT tickets here:

A Partnership with Potential to Take NFT Tickets Mainstream

Perfect Harmony Productions is among India’s most premier event management companies, delivering notable events across countries such as India, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, the UK and the UAE to name a few. PHP has been crafting global experiences since the early 2000s, and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our partnership.

Speaking about the partnership, PHP is particularly excited about the potential for great things.

“BKS Backstage is a step into the future for event organizers and audiences alike. Every event is unique in its way and BKS enables organizers to market that uniqueness with commercial viability,” stated the company.

“The audience as a result gets a more engaging experience of the event. The ease of use BKS provides is a major advantage. The NFT ecosystem still confuses many but BKS brings the convenience that you need,” added leadership from PHP.

“It has been really smooth working with the team. Our queries have been cleared well and credit to the developers for adding INR on short notice. Credit to the creative team too for their work. The ticket design and the graphics look cool. Going forward, BKS would be an asset and a connecting platform for everyone involved.”

Likewise, Backstage is excited about the potential of this partnership. PHP has solid market share in India, the world’s most populated country. With more than 1.4 billion potential customers, Backstage has a tremendous opportunity to provide NFT tickets. Throughout the partnership we anticipate having the potential to sell 90 million+ NFT tickets.

The Bang Bang Show with Benny Dayal Was a Huge Success

The partnership with Perfect Harmony Productions kicked off with the Bang Bang Show with Benny Dayal, which was amazing. The event was held in Mumbai at Phoenix Market City in February, 2023.

As a singer, performer, songwriter and even a mentor at reality shows, Benny Dayal has added many feathers in his cap. He really knows how to rock it all — from energy filled Bollywood songs to his band, Funktuation’s Indie compositions.

Fans had the chance to use BKS NFT tickets to go see Benny perform all his hits live and experience the magic of this multi-talented and versatile singer. With the purchase of the Benny Dayal VIP Experience NFT ticket, they got access to the show, along with other benefits:

  1. Meet & greet with Benny Dayal for 8 Lucky Draw Winners
  2. 10% off on drinks at the venue for all NFT holders

Even better, the fun hasn’t ended for Benny Dayal NFT ticket holders. The NFTs provide ongoing benefits:

  • 10 BKS Tokens for those who sign up for a BKS wallet account
  • 10% off BKS tickets for future events produced by Perfect Harmony Productions

Much more to come

The Bang Bang Show with Benny Dayal is just the beginning of what should be a long and successful relationship. At Backstage, we’re truly excited to show how our NFT tickets and experiences can enhance PHP’s events across the world.

Stay tuned — more great NFT tickets and experiences with PHP will be listed on our Marketplace soon.

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