Backstage Partners with IQ Protocol to Help Users Rent NFT Tickets & Earn Passive Income

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4 min readFeb 24, 2023

The future of NFT tickets and experiences is promising, and Backstage is leading the way. Backstage has just partnered with IQ Protocol, a DeFi solution for renting NFTs and Fungible Tokens.

Through the partnership, holders of NFTs from the BKS Marketplace will be able to rent out their NFTs on the IQ Protocol platform. This will enable our customers to earn passive income on their NFTs while they’re not using the benefits. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

  • Backstage Marketplace users can maximize the benefits and potential return they get from their NFTs.
  • IQ Protocol users can gain access to exclusive benefits that Backstage NFTs offer, at a fraction of the price and without the commitment.

More opportunities for BKS NFT ticket customers

As you may have read before, Backstage NFTs not only code in benefits for venues and artists, but also deliver long-term benefits to holders.

For instance, our Ahau Collection NFTs come with a variety of addons that last long after your initial hotel stay, such as discounts on future reservations, welcome drinks, and transportation to and from the airport.

Through our partnership with IQ Protocol, Backstage NFT holders gain three significant benefits and conveniences:

  1. You can put your NFT to work while not using it. For example, you can rent out a hotel NFT while they’re not traveling, and earn money from it.
  2. Users don’t have to sell the NFT. This is just like renting out your car or leasing storage space. You still own the asset — the NFT is still 100% yours.
  3. You can choose which add-ons you rent out on IQ Protocol. This means you can rent out one benefit you don’t use that much, while simultaneously using the other benefits.

Passive income for renting NFTs is an incredible utility

The future of NFTs hinges on the technology having real-world utility. Backstage NFTs already deliver add-on perks through our network of partners. Now, we’ve unlocked another utility: Earning passive income by renting your NFTs on IQ Protocol.

Our partnership with IQ Protocol positions BKS NFTs an a potential income-producing digital asset. Now, when you own a Backstage NFT, you can earn money while you sleep by leasing out the benefits of the NFT to IQ Protocol users.

In this sense, BKS NFTs resemble a piece of physical property that you can lease out for parties and events. You get the chance to earn money continuously while maintaining ownership. How great is that?

Indeed, it’s a new age for NFTs thanks to Backstage and IQ Protocol’s partnership. It’s time for renting NFTs to go mainstream.

More opportunities for IQ Protocol users

With $10+ million in total value locked on the IQ Protocol platform, we’re excited about the potential of our NFT ticket partnership to unlock value from our NFT utilities.

Once the BKS NFT tickets and experiences are listed on the IQ Protocol platform, we anticipate our NFTs delivering a variety of benefits and conveniences to their users:

  1. IQ Protocol users can access highly popular benefits and perks from BKS NFTs at a fraction of the price.
  2. IQ Protocol users don’t have to commit to owning a lifetime NFT. They just pay for and use the benefits as they need.
  3. IQ Protocol provides a trustworthy platform to handle the leasing agreement, plus automates the payment, distribution and return process.

Owning Backstage NFTs just got so much better

Through our partnership with IQ Protocol, we’re revolutionizing how NFT ownership works. This is a huge step as we continue to take Entertainment 3.0 mainstream. Now, ownership of NFT tickets and experiences comes with even more:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Control
  3. Income Potential

Through this collaboration, a Backstage NFT can deliver benefits every day throughout ownership, even while you’re sleeping.

About IQ Protocol

IQ Protocol allows users to unlock the full utility of scarce digital assets at a fraction of the purchasing cost, completely redefining on-chain ownership and usage. IQ is creating a more inclusive and decentralized p2p market, where anyone can enjoy the benefits of Web3 assets.

Focused on putting dormant digital assets to work, IQ Protocol’s solution is disrupting the NFT scene. The company has caught the eye of large players in the industry, and closed a $12 million investment round led by in March 2022.

For more information, check IQ’s social channels:

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