Backstage NFTs Enter the Spotlight at the Danish Music Awards

{Copenhagen, Denmark; 3rd November 2022}: Backstage once again took center stage at the Danish Music Awards. While we served as the official sponsor last year, this year we came ready to showcase our NFT technology.

The Danish Music Awards (DMAs) is an annual awards event recognizing the best musicians across a variety of categories, such as jazz, rock, pop, heavy rock and more. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) arranges the event each year. The DMA is considered the ‘Danish Grammy’ and it’s one of the most important music events of the year in Denmark. Needless to say, we were very happy to be involved in the DMA again.

For the Danish Music Awards, we collaborated with Uncle Grey, a design agency headquartered in Copenhagen, to create NFTs to give out as awards to musicians. This means that each category winner, from the Danish Female Artist of the Year to the Danish Album of the Year, received a Backstage-created NFT Award.

At Backstage, we were honored to have the opportunity to create these unique NFTs for the country’s most talented musicians. The benefits of this partnership should be tremendous for Backstage, the DMAs, and the musicians receiving the NFTs.

For Backstage, the NFT Awards help shine a bright light on our NFT technology and Backstage as a whole. With each artist, band and producer posting their NFT Award on social media, we’ll undoubtedly expand our brand and potentially bring in lots more people to the Backstage community.

For the DMAs, they had a legitimate digital trophy to give to the best musicians. This makes them a pioneer in the music industry — one that’s ready to adopt and use 21st-century technology.

By partnering with Backstage to give out NFT trophies, the DMAs have helped Denmark become the first country to reward musicians with digital trophies. The Scandinavian country is now a trendsetter in the industry, and we expect other countries and awards events to follow their lead.

At Backstage, this opportunity enabled us to demonstrate how NFTs can serve as a digital trophy. After all, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) cannot be copied and are entirely unique. They also don’t degrade like physical trophies do, nor do they have the potential to be lost while moving or traveling.

We believe Denmark’s top musicians are now delighted to own a unique piece of art on the blockchain. The NFTs we’ve created with Uncle Grey truly catch the eye, plus they can be customized to add specific benefits. For instance, we’ll be able to later code in perks such as VIP club access at one of our partners for the artist.

This is another great step into the mainstream for Backstage. We’re optimistic that our collaboration with the DMAs will deliver great successes for all involved.



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