Backstage Marketplace: Helping the Events Economy Prosper

What is the BKS Marketplace?

  • Business deals can be made by anyone holding $BKS tokens. For instance, a musician could connect with a venue and sign a deal to host a concert.
  • Transactions, such as invoice payments, can be processed. Simply put, it will be the financial square where businesses can be done using the ecosystem $BKS token currency.
  • Tickets and NFTs will be listed on the BKS Marketplace. For example, a music festival could drop specialty NFT tickets at the Marketplace a few months before the event.
  • Advertising deals are made between brands and influencers, venues, agencies and others.

Anyone can use the BKS Marketplace

What can users do at the $BKS Marketplace?

  • Community Members will be able to buy and sell tickets, invest in NFTs and purchase merchandise with BKS.
  • BKS NFT Holders will be able to get ticket discounts and with special privileges.
  • Artists will be able to sell event tickets, merchandise and exclusive NFTs.
  • Agencies will be able to bulk-buy tickets, promote events and much more.
  • Venues will be able to list NFT tickets, sell table bookings and extend their customer reach.
  • Advertisers will be able to buy ad space in the marketplace.
  • Investors will be able to research events and identify investment opportunities.

When will the BKS Marketplace go live?

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