Backstage Launches the Future of Events with XLANTIS

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3 min readFeb 2, 2023

Backstage and XLANTIS are leveraging Web3 and metaverse technologies to build a new world of entertainment and events

Backstage has made another huge step into the metaverse with the launch of XLANTIS.

In partnership with XMANNA, a blockchain software provider, Backstage founded XLANTIS, an open world, multi-platform ecosystem, Backstage will facilitate XLANTIS’ push into the global live entertainment industry, while simultaneously helping entertainment and event providers build a presence in the XLANTIS universe.

Backstage and XLANTIS are building a new world

Envisioned as an open-world, multi-platform, single and multiplayer ecosystem of games, sports and live entertainment, Backstage established XLANTIS with a mission to bring the concepts of community engagement and digital ownerships to gamers, fans and users around the world. XLANTIS has a focus on monetization and sustainability, as well as empowering the community to engage with the games, sports and music they love like never before.

XLANTIS’ vision aligns perfectly with Backstage, as we’re committed to ushering in the era of Entertainment 3.0. Backstage’s partnership with metaverse provider XMANNA makes XLANTIS even more full of potential. Leveraging XMANNA’s technology and community engagement mechanisms as well as our tech platform, Backstage will enable XLANTIS to sell NFT tickets for metaverse events, host live virtual concerts, offer virtual seating for real-world events, monetize user interactions and much, much more.

Backstage brings experience and expertise to the XLANTIS universe

Already powering hundreds of night clubs, concert venues, festivals and sports teams with blockchain, NFT ticketing and metaverse technology, Backstage is excited to bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to the XLANTIS universe.

Using our technologies, Backstage and XLANTIS will successfully bring event and entertainment providers into the XLANTIS universe. Together, we’ll:

  • Sell NFT tickets to digital world events
  • Provide virtual seats for real-world events
  • Host live virtual concerts around the XLANTIS world
  • Enable users to create and monetize their own digital entertainment venues
  • Build loyalty NFT programs for sports teams, hospitality businesses, concert venues and more

Entertainment 3.0 is here

From NFT Tickets for the AFL MMA League to Loyalty Programs for Ahau Hotels, Backstage is taking events and entertainment to a whole new level. Together with XLANTIS and XMANNA, a company building the future of community engagement through metaverse and gamification platforms, we can merge the physical and virtual worlds, and create an industry that’s more sustainable, profitable and fair.

Founding XLANTIS and building this new digital world put us further ahead on the road to Entertainment 3.0. Stay tuned for what’s to come, including all the amazing events in the XLANTIS universe!

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