Backstage Is Already Delivering Entertainment 3.0: Join the Blockchain Revolution in Events!

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4 min readMay 25, 2023

If you’ve been following Backstage, you know we’ve sold NFT tickets for multiple music tours in 2022 and 2023, including Ha*Ash concerts, Aspendos Theatre shows, and VIP Experiences for Benny Dayal performances (which enabled us to gain market share in the huge Indian market).

Going forward, Backstage is preparing for multiple music tours, many of which will happen in 2023. These concerts will be held across the world, helping us garner traction in many markets and make Backstage a household name.

Proving out the BKS NFT Marketplace and generating business revenue have been vital steps for Backstage before our token generation event (TGE). This is because we want to show our real-world use case and prove we have a sustainable business model first. Here’s why:

  • Far too many crypto projects rely on hype and pump schemes. They host a token sale first, accumulate funds, and then fail when the time comes to execute real business ideas. We’re executing our business ideas first.
  • At Backstage, we want to take Entertainment 3.0 mainstream. That’s why we’re showing fans and entertainers how a web3-powered platform can work. From sports to art, we’re proving NFT tickets and experiences can revolutionize the events industry.
  • We have revenue in place to support the BKS token buyback mechanism. Backstage token buybacks will be financed by real-world cash flow, creating buy pressure for the BKS token and helping to support the long-term health of the BKS token. Read more about BKS token buybacks here:

As we prepare to host more music tours and for our TGE, it’s an exciting time to join the Backstage movement and support our business. Below, we’ll highlight all the opportunities that await Backstage partners and supporters.

The Backstage Ecosystem will power the future of events

Backstage is a A Web3 tech company that optimizes operations, fan experiences and revenue for events-driven businesses. We already power hundreds of nightclubs, concert venues, festivals and sports teams with blockchain and NFT ticketing technology.

The opportunity in front of us is truly tremendous, especially when you consider that:

1) We have a working product that generates real revenue.

2) We’re operating within some incredibly large industries (see stats below).

Simply put, the opportunity involves trillions of dollars and billions of customers. We have a multifaceted ecosystem ready to help us gain market share and enhance entertainment for the entire world.

  • Marketplace: Unifies all parties, from performers and agents to fans and promoters
  • NFT Ticket Experiences: Unique NFT tickets that enable better fan experiences, with lower fees
  • BiKOS PoS: Enables crypto payments seamlessly
  • BKS Wallet: Stores NFTs, integrates into business operations, and allows you to buy and sell BKS tokens
  • Launchpad: A fundraising platform for the industry
  • Metaverse Events: Breaks down geographical barriers by enabling virtual and hybrid events

Supporting Backstage now should yield benefits for a long time

As you can see, we have Backstage in a position of strength going into our token generation event (TGE). We have revenue and a fully developed ecosystem, along with more business lined up for this year and next. The future looks exciting.

You can be a part of the exciting future. Joining us now as a backer presents the potential for large returns over time.

The earlier you enter the Backstage ecosystem, the greater the chances that various possibilities will open up for you. For instance, beyond buying BKS tokens as a way to grow with Backstage, you could:

  • Contribute funds to music tours and earn real returns on the revenue generated
  • Support projects on the BKS Launchpad, and earn returns from their success
  • Gain priority access to exclusive NFTs in the BKS Marketplace

Help deliver Entertainment 3.0, and reap the rewards for a lifetime

Backstage is taking entertainment into a new era, and the opportunity is as big as they come. Again, we’re talking trillions of dollars and billions of customers!

By supporting Backstage now, you put yourself in a position to benefit the most from our success. As we approach our TGE, stay tuned to our social media channels for updates (links below).

If you’d like to contact us in the meantime about opportunities to buy into the project now, fill out this contact form:

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