Backstage Crypto POS Wallet — Providing Liquidity to the Events Economy

What Is the Backstage Crypto POS Wallet?

  • Fans can use it to make purchases
  • Agencies can use the Wallet to bulk-buy NFT tickets
  • Vendors can use it for invoicing and accepting payments
  • Venues can accept payments and pay vendors with the Wallet

What Can Backstage’s Crypto POS Wallet Offer to the Industry?

Backstage Crypto POS Wallet Features

  • Store, hold and trade $BKS tokens
  • Store, buy and trade NFT’s
  • Buy and hold tickets
  • Show proof of ownership of tickets, NFTs, etc
  • Staking $BKS tokens
  • Connect to the Marketplace
  • Connect to the Launchpad

When will the Backstage Crypto POS Wallet go live?

About Backstage



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