Backstage — A Decentral Solution to all your Event Planning

Big Bang Blockchain:

Adhering from the principles of the whitepaper published by the pseudonym “ Satoshi Nakamoto” on the non-interference of intermediary and peer-to-peer transactions, birthed the idea of a digital ledger to record transactions by socializing the decentralized networks to perform transactions without middlemen, known as the blockchain.

Backstage, An Inception

Backstage is a blockchain project conceptualized to minimize the problems handled by the event organizing parties in a decentral way such as payment delays or failures, supply-chain management, stocking all of this via the launch of their own cryptocoin “ BKS.” Backstage is also delving deep into the decentral universe by introducing an NFT marketplace to help the artists, craftspersons, and other inventors to claim the ownership of their magnum opus by tokenizing their assets on the blockchain.

Why Backstage?

The following few pointers will clarify the need for the projects like Backstage in the market.

  1. The prime focus of the organizing committee revolves around the successful execution of the event and no one until now can provide fully-fledged security as well as transparency to the core transaction regarding the payments involved.
  2. Involvement of central authority of the financial governing bodies in the payment of the service providers in an event is less likely to be accomplished in time due to the involvement of fiat money, which can take a lot of time to reflect in the bank accounts.
  3. Due to the privatization in the digital era, the greatest threat is to privacy, see the irony. The principles of the blockchain assign the prime importance to privacy only via the anonymity of the user. In organized events, most of the time the sensitive information regarding participants is stored with the event organizers.

Backstage Future-proofing:

Opting Backstage will definitely bring the most awaited revolution in the event organizing industry. Accepting the blockchain wholeheartedly to perform the B2P transactions regarding any event will reward the participants in creating an innovative way to establish complete financial solutions.

To complete the blockchain circle and fire the chain reaction to instill trust and confidence in the Backstage, they are launching their own token BKS which will provide the DeFi features like Staking which will, in turn, bring up the liquidity on the exchanges. Funds gathered from the BKS will be used to finance the events and festivals organized by Backstage all around the world.

In a Nutshell:

To conclude, Backstage will be performing as the backbone in the event industry supporting the processing of the funds, checking on any types of delays in management, performing peer-to-peer as well as business-to-peer transactions all while conserving the privacy of the participants by leveraging blockchain technology.

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